Deciding Between Different Coffee Machine Types

Deciding Between Different Coffee Machine Types

There are many coffee machine types out there on the market, so if you’re a first time buyer, it can be rather overwhelming to know where to start. Luckily, there are some basic guidelines you can follow before making a purchasing decision, plus there are resources available to give you a sense as to some of the different types of machines you can choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of coffee machines you can find for sale, while also discussing some tips for you to consider, as well as where you can start if you’re looking to get a couple of quotes together. 

Tips For First Time Machine Buyers

When you’re looking for a new coffee machine for home, there are a couple of things you should consider first. Start by looking at the household setup, and how many cups of coffee get made in any given day between you and the other members in your family. This should give you a sense regarding the range to look for. Set out a basic budget of what you’re willing to spend, making sure that you leave a little bit of leeway in case you don’t quite find what you’re looking for. Ensure you’ve done enough online research about the trusted brands you can bank on, while also scouring social media and newsletters for any deals. You may just end up saving a nice chunk of cash thanks to your vigilance and efforts. 

The Different Types of Coffee Machines

Traditionally, there are four common types of coffee machines which are popular on the consumer market. While you’ll find many others if you do some more digging, for the first-time buyer it makes sense to go with something practical, giving yourself time to hone your barista skills over time, especially before looking at some of the niche coffee machines on the market. The following machines are a good starting point:

  • Drip Coffee Makers (Filter Machines) typically provide large pots of coffee for households and offices each morning. These make a single type of coffee and are easy to operate.
  • Automatic Coffee Makers can come with more bells and whistles, especially if you’re wanting something that makes specialised types of coffees. With more variety, they tend to come with greater maintenance instructions, but if experimenting is what you’re after, this is a great choice. 
  • Vending Coffee Machines typically don’t need much maintenance or care, and offer a range of choices based on what you put into the machine. Traditionally found in restaurants and hotels, these don’t often use fresh milk, so be mindful that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 
  • French Press Coffee Makers are standard, manual coffee machines that create a cup or two at a time. These are perfect if you live on your own, or if you’re the only coffee drinker in the house. 

Rent or Buy? The Way of The Future

Whether you’re looking for a coffee machine for home or the office, something else to ask yourself is whether you feel confident enough to buy a machine upfront without having used it. Aquaspresso has an answer to this fear, in the form of coffee machine rentals, which not only give you a chance to do a test run with a machine before you buy it, but can also free up a bit of extra cash if you pay for the monthly rental only. First time coffee machine buyers will do well to check in with them about some of their ongoing specials, as well as their latest product range, which continuously changes in order to cater to the demands and needs of the market. You can’t go wrong here.