Delectable Premium Bottled Water Brands in 2020

There are a lot of water bottle brands on the market in South Africa. And we mean, a lot. If you’re looking to start spending your hard-earned cash on premium still water to keep you hydrated on the go, it pays to keep only the best brands in mind. We’ve gone and done the digging for you relative to some of the most delectable premium bottled water brands in the country for 2020, for you to start your exploration with. 

The Benefits of Bottled Water

Before you start trying out some brands, it pays to know why bottled water is so good for you. Aside from the obvious benefit of having water with you as you go about your day, this type of water is bottled at the source, meaning you’re getting healthy, clean water you can trust with each sip. Gone are the days of wondering what you’re ingesting by depending on tap water only, and banking on this type of consumption is a surefire way to give your health a boost, and to minimise exposure to harmful bacteria that could cause you to get ill more often. Purified and natural water both have this benefit, regardless of how you get your hands on it


aQuellé is an iconic bottled water supplier, with a reputation that is fast approaching 25 years in South Africa. After the discovery of a natural water source in the late 1990’s in KZN, the team behind the company thought it was too good not to share the love, and thus the company was born. The growth of the company since then is attributed to the growing nature of their bottling plant, which has expanded from 360 square meters in 1998, to nearly 20 000 square meters these days. Sales are showing no signs of slowing down, especially with the addition of some flavoured water to its catalogue in recent years. 


Aquazania is a brand that is synonymous with providing quality premium water, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their water cooler solutions are well-known for their affordability, reliability and ease of use. Few people know about a hidden gem relative to their business, in the nature of their small water bottles catalogue. These come in many varieties ranging from 330ml all the way through to a litre and a half, catering to day-to-day consumption as well as larger office functions and events. Better yet, the bottles can be customised, so you could go a step further than the other brands on the list, and have your own “brand” of personal still water for home. Nice!


Perrier is a well known French brand of natural bottled mineral water, which has been the topic of discussion around multiple international ad campaigns over the years. Best known for their naturally occurring carbonation and the distinctive green bottle, the brand continues to be a force to be reckoned with, being stocked in multiple high-end restaurants around the continent. While somewhat more expensive than the other two brands on our list, Perrier is a historical brand that speaks to elegance on a worldwide scale. If you’re going to do some experimentation with premium bottled water brands, be sure to include them on your list too. 

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