Delonghi vs Jura: Coffee Machine Debate

Delonghi VS Jura: Coffee Machine Debate

These days, there are many options when it comes to choosing an automatic coffee machine. If you go to one of the many appliance stores in South Africa you will see one of the newcomers to the Bean-To-Cup coffee machine options is the Delonghi.

Delonghi is by no means a bad machine and for most people it is a good starting point; however if you are able to afford an extra couple thousand Rand,  we definitely recommend breaking the bank a little more and purchasing one of the machines belonging to the Jura range of coffee machines.

Key Differences Between Delonghi VS Jura

  • Coffee Flavour. The Jura machines feature a real I.P.B.S (intelligent pre-brew system). The purpose of this systen is to ensure that the extraction of you coffee is identical if not better than that which you get at a coffee shop. This results in almost all the flavour being extracted from the beans allowing you to really taste the differnce between two different types of beans. The Delonghi unfortunately only produces what looks and tastes like a hybrid between a filter coffee and espresso.
  • Milk Froth Quality. The milk froth from a Jura can make your spoon stand up whereas the Delonghi is closer to a milk/air bubble mixture
  • Cleaning and Maintenance. The Jura Machine range is built with the intention that the user never needs to clean out the the grinder and brewing unit whereas the Delonghi has a removable brewing unit which requires a manual cleaning and rinsing from time to time
  • Build Quality. The build of the Jura just screams quality whereas the Delonghi has a look and feel similar to most generic appliance manufacturing companies.
  • Brand Power. The Jura brand is synonymous with quality coffee machines whereas the Delonghi brand is synonymous with kettles,toasters and other non specialist kitchen equipment.

At the end of the day it comes down to what is right for you. The Delonghi range is a good entry level coffee machine range wheras the Jura machines are more suited to your more discerning coffee drinkers.

Delonghi VS Jura – Who Wins?

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