Delonghi vs Saeco

Delonghi vs Saeco

Probably the two most prominent coffee machine brands in the retail space in South Africa today are Delonghi and Saeco (which is now known as Philips Saeco)

In the mid 1990 ‘s saeco was introduced in south africa and was the first automatic bean to cup coffee machine available. The coffee industry in South Africa has Saeco to thank for really introducing many people to freshly ground bean to cup coffee and in a way started the coffee movement in South Africa

Fast forward almost 15 years and Delonghi coffee machines came along and slashed prices on automatic coffee machines in the retail space. Delonghi coffee machines are featurful and most of the range include a one – touch capability when it comes to cappuccinos.

Both Saeco and Delonghi coffee machines have their roots in Italy and both continue to resist the “low-cost carrot” of Chinese manufacturing.

Largely due to pricing reasons, Delonghi outsells Saeco worldwide and in South Africa by quite some margin. For the most part Delonghi coffee machines remain solid,reliable good – value coffee machines.

The one major limitation of Delonghi coffee machines come in the form of their office coffee capability. As good as delonghi coffee machines are as home coffee machines , they are not intended for large commercial use in offices or restaurants.

As a summary, if you are deciding between a Saeco and a Delonghi coffee machine for home , we would suggest saving some money and opting for Delonghi.

If, however you are looking for a machine for your office, rather opt for a more robust outfit like a Saeco or alternative specialist office coffee machine brand.