Disposable Coffee Cups: Prices and Options

Disposable Coffee Cups

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You’ve bought your state-of-the-art coffee machine and now you are looking for disposable coffee cups to go with it. There are a number of options of disposable cups available and in this post we will detail all the options and the pros and cons of each.

Non disposable Coffee Cups:

ceramic cups

Although this post is most about disposable cups, we would be remiss not to mention the alternative which is of course Non-Disposable Coffee Cups. Ina n office environment, there is no question that in the long run, non-disposable coffee cups will work out significantly cheaper than any of the disposable variety. Buying non disposable cups means an upfront purchase but it also means that your monthly spend on disposables disappears. The two downsides of not going with disposable cups are the need to constantly wash cups and potential for breakages.

Polystyrene Cups:

polystyrene cups

Polystyrene cups are the cheapest solution as far as disposable cups are concerned. They cost approximately 30c per cup and provide excellent insulation when drinking hot drinks. The downside of Polystyrene cups is that many people don’t like to drink from them and they are not great for the environment.

Plastic and Paper Cups:

White Paper Cup

Plastic cups are similarly priced to Polystyrene cups and are often actually worse for the environment than polystyrene cups. Plastic cups come in single and double walled versions with the single walled variety often not providing enough insulation for hot drinks. The double walled type are better but still not as good as polystyrene.

Ripple Coffee Cups:

ripple cups

Ripple cups are the best looking of all disposable cups and provide similar insulation properties compared to polystyrene cups. If aesthetics and creating an impression is what you are after, then ripple cups could be the solution for you. If you are an environment where you are selling your coffee, ripple cups are a must. The downside of ripple cups for office use, is that they are significantly more expensive than any of the other disposable options. Ripple cups cost in the region of 85c and the sip lid costs another 30c on top of that.

Biodegradable Coffee Cups:


Biodegradable coffee cups are fairly new on the market and, as the name suggests, are the best for the environment out of the lot. Biodegradable cups are made literally biodegrade which avoids the need for recycling altogether. The downside of some Biodegradable cups is, because they are made from plant based materials, they can change the aroma of the coffee inside of them. Also these cups often do not have the insulation properties of ripple or poly cups. Biodegradable cups cost around the 0.65c mark.

Coffee Cup Overview:

Choosing the right cup to suit your environment is a matter of deciding what is most important to you (cost, aesthetics, enviro-friendly etc)

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