Does Coffee Prevent Heart Disease?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught people from all over the world that taking care of themselves and maintaining general good health is something that should always be prioritised. On top of the required preventative actions to avoid contracting the virus, most people are now far more attuned to their long-term wellbeing now than they were before March of 2020. Serious illnesses (like cancer and heart disease) are debilitating to a good quality of life in numerous ways. But is there a way for coffee to help prevent the latter? Let’s dig into this today, while also touching on how to maximise the benefits of your morning cuppa every day.

The General Benefits of Coffee

Caffeine is known for being a stimulant, which is perfect for boosting energy on those hard to get out of bed mornings. Some studies suggest that it may be useful for weight management, which helps with improving self esteem and boosting mood. Others have linked it to better brain health, as well as possibly lowering the risk of type two diabetes. The Heart Foundation of South Africa says that 5 people have heart attacks every hour in South Africa. The good news is that some experts suggest that coffee could be beneficial in preventing the onset of heart disease. 

A Recommended Daily Amount of Caffeine

Although it’s hard to generalise because different people consume higher levels of caffeine in their daily cups of coffee than others, it’s believed that up to three cups of coffee per day, no more, may be associated with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. This was detailed at the ESC Congress in 2021, where it was discussed that caffeine may help weakened hearts that have difficulties pumping blood to the rest of the body, in turn reducing the risk of total heart failure. This is a hypothesis that is likely to be tested a lot more over the rest of the decade. 

Remember That We’re All Wired Differently

Although having a rough estimate of the maximum cups to drink every day is useful as a reference point, it’s essential to remember that all humans are wired slightly differently. We may all be a part of humanity as a whole, but different families have different genetic histories to contend with, so one solution is not likely to work for everyone. If you’re trying to find ways to lower your risk of heart disease, it’s important to talk to a physician. They’ll also be able to tell you whether it makes sense to drink up to three cups of coffee a day, based on your individual set of general health circumstances. 

Maximising Your Morning Cuppa

Whether promoting good heart health or not, a morning cup of coffee will always bring a great deal of joy, and is a good way to start every day. Maximising your morning cuppa means tailoring it to your taste and needs, which is only possible if you’re working with a coffee machine that provides you with a couple of options to choose from. The Aquaspresso team can help you find exactly what works for you, tailored to your budget and personal preferences.