Does Loadshedding Damage Bottle-less Water Coolers?

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In the midst of the ongoing energy crisis in South Africa, loadshedding has become a pervasive issue affecting various sectors of the economy. Of notable concern for businesses is the potential effect of loadshedding on critical appliances such as bottle-less water coolers. The question that often arises is, “Does loadshedding damage bottle-less water coolers?”

Does Loadshedding Damage Bottle-less Water Coolers

Aquazania: Pioneers in Water Purification

As the leading provider of premium bottled and bottle-less water solutions, Aquazania stands at the forefront of this discussion. Founded out of the desire for superior quality drinking water, Aquazania implements a meticulous system of purification, ensuring the highest quality water at all times. This system, bolstered by extensive global research and refined taste-testing, produces a water of unrivalled purity and taste.

Loadshedding and the Aquazania Filtration Process

Despite the prevalence of loadshedding, Aquazania’s robust purification process remains unaffected. For bottled water, Aquazania utilises a comprehensive 9-step filtration process, which begins with silica sand sediment filtration and culminates in a filling, capping and sealing process done in a pressurised, dust-free and sterile environment. This diligent process ensures that every drop of Aquazania water is purer than an underground mountain spring and cleaner than snow, rendering it immune to electrical disruptions.

Bottle-less Water Solutions: Designed for Resilience

The company’s bottle-less water solutions, designed for direct on-site treatment of municipal or other source waters, are also resilient against loadshedding. This process includes pre-treatment, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, post-treatment and sterilisation. Certain models within Aquazania’s AQA range of water coolers offer continuous flow direct chill cooling, eliminating the need for stationary water storage.

The Temporary Impact of Loadshedding on Bottle-less Water Coolers

However, loadshedding can pose temporary inconveniences. The cooling and heating functions of bottle-less water coolers rely on electricity; during loadshedding, these functions may cease to operate. This does not, however, compromise the quality of the water or damage the cooler. Once power is restored, these coolers swiftly return to their standard operation.

Innovation for Uncompromised Quality: Nano-Silver and Copper

Moreover, Aquazania’s innovative use of nano-silver and copper in manufacturing components that come into contact with the water results in the elimination of bacteria, further assuring the safety and quality of the water even during power outages.


While loadshedding can momentarily affect the heating and cooling capabilities of bottle-less water coolers, it does not compromise the quality of the water or damage the cooler. Aquazania, with its robust purification processes and commitment to quality, ensures that every glass of water is a special experience, irrespective of loadshedding.

For South African businesses, this offers significant reassurance. Access to clean, pure and safe water remains unimpeded, thanks to companies like Aquazania which continue to innovate and adapt in response to the country’s unique challenges. Contact Aquazania for your premuim water solution today!

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