Filter Coffee Machine Prices: Costs and Features

Filter Coffee Machine Prices: Domestic and Commercial Filter Machine Costs

When deciding on a filter coffee machine for your home or office, one is often faced with a number of good choices. In this post we will explain the differences of the different filter coffee machines available and we list the filter coffee machine prices which are accurate at the time of posting this article.

Commercial Filter Coffee Machines vs Domestic Filter Coffee Machines:

There are essentially two primary categories of filter coffee machines: Commercial and Domestic. Domestic filter machines are any filter machines whose body is made from plastic or a plastic like material. They are available from most retail shops and either consist of a built in filter basket or, like the industrial versions, use paper filters. Domestic filter machines also almost always have only one filter pot.

Commercial or industrial filter coffee machines are made almost entirely from stainless steel and always are designed to hold and warm two filter jugs at once. Commercial filter machines also always use paper filters instead of built in mesh baskets.

Costs of Different Filter Coffee Machine Brands:

Whenever we do a cost comparison of any coffee machine brand we always preface our listings by saying that the actual price of any coffee machine is determined by the reseller and resellers in South Africa are free to choose their own pricing. Therefore the listings below might not represent every coffee company’s price on the market but they do represent at least one seller’s price at the time of posting.

Domestic Filter Coffee Machine Prices:

Russell Hobbs 1.8 Litre

The Russell Hobbs filter coffee maker retails at a number of
Russell Hobbs 1.8 Stainless Steel Filter Coffee Makersupermarkets around the country and is one of your more advanced domestic units. This model features a stainless steel finish which is rare for domestic machines and also has a built in PC board to allow for auto switch off/on. The Russell Hobbs has a permanent mesh filter which means you don’t need to buy filter papers but you do need to clean your mesh filter out after each use.

Filter Jug Size: 1.8 litre

Purchase Price: R699 incl. VAT

Russell Hobbs Futura

: The Future is one of RH’s entry level filter units. This unit
Russell Hobbs 1.5 litredoesn’t have any fancy turn on/off features and is part of the appliance ranges of what you see is what you get. The carafe is a glass carafe and the body is made almost entirely of plastic. Like most of the RH filter range, this unit has a built in filter system

Filter Jug Size: 1.5 litres

Purchase Price: R558 Incl. VAT

Defy Stainless Steel Filter Maker

The Defy Filter Maker is one of the best value fordefy money home filter machines on the market. This unit has all the bells and whistles of the top of the range Russell Hobbs at a slightly lower cost. Automatic on/off functions, digital display, water level indicator and a stainless steel body is all part of the package making it one of the most all inclusive domestic filter makers on the market.

Filter Jug Size: 1.8 litres

Purchase Price: R599 Incl. VAT

Commercial Filter Coffee Machine Prices:

Commercial filter coffee machines are made for heavy industrial everyday use and differ compared to the domestic range in three ways:

  • They keep coffee hot the whole day
  • They don’t burn the coffee and turn it bitter
  • They are unfortunately significantly more expensive

The three most popular industrial brands available in South Africa are Bravilor, Coffee Queen and Avenia.

Bravilor Filter Coffee Machines:

The name Bravilor Bonamat is synonymous with filter coffee machines the world over. Thanks to Bravilor, filter coffee machines went mainstream in the restaurant and hospitality trade. We have picked the most popular Bravilor model to feature in this post; the Bravilor Novo 2.

Bravilor Novo 2:

The Bravilor Novo 2, like all other industrial filter units, features a bravilor-novodouble jug system with a stainless steel body as well as removable paper filters.  Bravilor is regarded as the flagship of filter units primarily due to its closed filter pot system and its heat adjusting hot plates. As soon as coffee is brewed and comes into contact with oxygen, the freshness level starts to decrease. Whilst it is impossible to prevent filter coffee form coming into contact with air in the filter pot, Bravilor has designed its pots to have a minimal hole size through which the coffee is brewed. Also Bravilor’s patented heat adjusting hot plates, ensure that the coffee is kept warm but never burns and turns bitter after brewing.

Filter Jug Size: 1.8 litres

Purchase Price: R3990 Excl. VAT

Rental Price: R90 P/M Excl. VAT

Coffee Queen Filter Coffee Machines:

Queen coffee machines belong to the world renowned Crem International coffee group and are probably Bravilor’s biggest competitors worldwide in the filter coffee market. Coffee Queen offers a great lower cost alternative to Bravilor for industrial grade filter machines. Queen’s filter machines used to be produced in Holland, like Bravilor, but its manufacturing plant has now moved to China although it has managed to maintain excellent quality nonetheless. In this feature we have chosen coffee queen’s most popular filter unit in South Africa, the Queen M2 filter coffee maker.

Coffee Queen M2:

The M2 is probably just as robust as the Bravilor filter machine but
filter machines queenconsists of filter jugs with wide mouths which does allow for a bit more air to come into contact with the coffee once brewed. The Queen units also don’t feature heat adjusting hot plates like the Bravilor, but having said that, if you are likely to consume the coffee in a short space of time then this might not be too much of an issue and you might be better of saving some money on a Queen vs a Bravilor.

Filter Jug Size: 1.8 litres

Purchase Price: R3300 Ex. VAT

Rental Price: R90 P/M

Animo Filter Coffee Machines

Animo filter coffee machines also herald from the Netherlands and are similarly priced to coffee queen filter machines. Animo are represented in South Africa by international coffee equipment and are in turn sold to the public by a number of their distributors. Like Coffee Queen and Bravilor they are also feature pure stainless steel builds. The most popular Animo unit in South Africa is the Animo Excelso.

The Excelso is the number one selling Animo unit in the country and is animoalmost identical to the Queen in design. The Excelso consists of a glass jug (unlike the Bravilor which has a hardened pyrex carafe) so it can be susceptible to breakages under rough conditions.

Purchase Price: R3900 Ex. VAT

Rental Price : R150 P/M Ex. VAT

Which Filter Coffee Machine Should You Buy or Rent?

There is no set answer to this question unfortunately as the answer depends totally on what your needs are. If you are looking for a filter machine for your home, definitely don’t look at any filter units in the industrial range as they will just be overkill and cost you significantly more than any home filter machine.

If you are looking for a filter unit for your office or restaurant don’t make the mistake of opting for a domestic unit either. Besides for that simple distinction and bit of advice, the rest entirely depends on your budget and your level of coffee appreciation.

To view all of our coffee machine prices please click on our link (Rental and Purchase Coffee Machine Costs) or if you want to try out a filter machine to see if it will work for you please enter your details below!