Finding The Best Coffee Beans in South Africa in 2020

Finding The Best Coffee Beans in South Africa in 2020

Oh, how incredible it can be to taste a perfect blend from the best coffee beans! If you haven’t experienced the joy of trying out various types, or you don’t have a specific coffee bean go-to, then today is a good day to start the process. South Africa imports some of the best coffee beans in the world, and knowing where to look to get your hands on a variety of flavours and types will allow you to start experimenting with the inner barista in you. Before you know it, you could even become the local coffee aficionado within your close circle. 

Which Climate Creates a Great Coffee Bean?

At high altitudes, coffee beans grow in an environment where they don’t overheat, and also don’t end up growing faster than they should. Slow growth and the correct temperature sets a coffee bean up to withstand other hot temperatures they face throughout the rest of the cultivating process. So if you’re looking for blends and beans to explore with, consider buying beans that are grown in environments that tick both of these boxes. Ethiopia and Costa Rica, for instance, are two high altitude territories known for their incredible coffee beans.

How To Tell If Coffee Beans Are Good Quality

When buying coffee beans, how easy is it to tell if they are decent quality? On surface value, it can be hard to judge and to differentiate from bean to bean. The first thing you should do is to check for residue. If you pick up a handful of beans and you spot residue on your hands, or you can see it in the bag, this suggests that the beans are oily (and freshly roasted). While this isn’t a rule of thumb per se, you can expect lighter roasts to be a little less oily. The key is to observe the beans, take note of what you enjoy, and to query the producer if you find inconsistencies between purchases. 

Do Coffee Beans Expire?

Many of us would have wondered in the past if coffee beans will ever expire. The reality is that they do, and that it all depends on how you store the beans in the first place. If you’ve got them somewhere cool, dry and dark, in an airtight container, you can expect them to be used a few months past their suggested expiry date. Some have done so for up to nine months, whil instant coffee is said to last up to twenty years in these conditions. You might be tempted to freeze coffee beans too. This is perfectly fine, as long as you use them as soon as you take them out. Try not to keep the beans on your shelf for more than two weeks after freezing, which will compromise the taste. 

The Best Coffee Beans in South Africa

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