Five Best Reasons To Have a Coffee Machine in Your Office – Other Than Great Coffee

Five Best Reasons To Have a Coffee Machine in Your Office – Other Than Great Coffee

The days of having a dedicated tea lady to serve coffee and tea to all staff are fast drawing to a close. Many companies  have realised that not only is this a waste of valuable resources – i.e. – having  one person dedicated to making hot beverages instead of working in a more productive role, but it is also a large and sometimes unnecessary spend on things like instant coffee, sugar, tea bags etc. The real cost of a cup of coffee need not be exorbitant, and there are myriad of ways to reduce this spend.

Let’s discuss the sometimes overlooked benefits of having a coffee machine in your office:

  • Office Coffee Machines Can Save Money

Yes, the initial upfront investment of buying a coffee machine is quite a spend, and there is a cost associated with renting one too, but when we compare the cost of all the add-on’s necessary to make instant coffee etc., we quickly see that an all-in-one package or coffee machine rental solution can very quickly become the lesser cost. Not only will you be saving on your spend for consumables and machine, you also immediately reduce the risk of theft. This is most evident when using a vending machine solution. Why is this the case? All the ingredients are locked inside and only dispensed in pre-determined amounts. This allows for zero theft of product (as it is secured behind a lockable door within the machine) as well as over-use of ingredients – for the same reason.

  • A Coffee Machine Keeps People Honest at Work

While we’re on the topic of honesty and theft in the workplace… Fortune reports that “People who get too little sleep are prone to go along with unethical practices at work unless they up their caffeine intake”. Sleep-deprived people are more susceptible to undertake unethical behaviours but caffeine can help strengthen will-power and self-control. Employers should always make sure they don’t overwork their employees, but sometimes it’s not up to them to decide how much rest they get. What is up to them, though, is how much coffee they offer in the workplace. To ensure that employees are on their best ethical behaviour, plenty of coffee should be available at all times.”

  • Coffee in The Office Helps Networking

“Taking a coffee break with colleagues during the work day is nowadays a widespread and ingrained habit in office culture. Meeting or inviting co-workers to take a coffee is a perfect occasion to foster relationships, network and talk things over in a more relaxed way. The Swedes even have a word for it, ‘Fika’, and they believe that it’s during the coffee break that most work gets done.

A study at MIT proved that coffee breaks have a positive effect to increase the strength of groups in the workplace and they also increase productivity. Having a cup of coffee in the office with your colleagues may also create a space where new ideas are born. People tend to exchange opinions by simply chatting over a cup of something hot.”

In addition to that, a coffee machine that produces high-quality coffee for guests, potential clients as well as candidates coming for an interview is surely one of the best ways to make a great impression without saying a word. Chances are, the more people enjoy being at your company and feeling welcomes and at home (what better way to do this than a hit coffee, especially in Winter) – the longer they will want to stay – whether it’s as an employee or a customer.

  • Coffee Improves Productivity at Work

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that helps employee fight off sluggishness and keeps mental alertness, energy and endurance at work. Throughout the workday most people undergo a decline in mental abilities. Because of the normal human biorythm, many people feel mental acuity to flag at around 10 AM and 2 PM. This is connected to the production of a chemical responsible for sleepiness, adenosine, which links to receptors that slow down brain activity. The more adenosine, the more you feel tired. Caffeine has a similar structure to adenosine, binding to the same receptors but as it is not adenosine, the sleepiness effect is not felt.”

  • A Coffee Machine is Tax Deductable

Yes, there are a few loopholes you need to ensure you’re not falling through, but this article clarifies how an office coffee machine is tax deductible.


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