How to Fix a Water Tank Error on a Jura

How to Fix a Water Tank Error on a Jura

What happens if your Jura’s water tank is full – you can see the water bobbing around merrily and you know your eyes aren’t deceiving you? But this machine just keeps flashing “Fill Water Tank” – and all it’s really doing is filling you with rage! It’s a simple problem, with a  simple solution!


Fill Water Tank Error on a Jura

Remove your water tank and pour out the water that’s filled it. You’ll see a small “water level” float indicator, at the bottom of the tank. Taking a small paper clip (unwound, of course) and catching the float indicator piece with the clip will release it from where it is stuck.

Add more water back into your water tank and check if this piece is now dislodged. Fill up, replace the tank back into the machine and voila – you’re all sorted!


Watch the video demonstration right here!