Should I Give My Boss a Gift? Why Your Manager Deserves a Coffee Machine

Should I Give My Boss a Gift? Why Your Manager Deserves a Coffee Machine

Have you ever found yourself in a position where your boss has gone out of his or her way to help you, to acknowledge your hard, after-hours work or even perhaps give you a raise after a performance appraisal? Equally so, is your boss always on the run, staying late at the office or sending you out every 5 minutes to grab him or her a coffee from the corner shop? If you said yes to literally any one of these questions – maybe you should consider buying him or her a coffee machine. Let me explain my reasons to buy your boss a coffee machine 🙂


Coffee Benefits: A Run-down of Advantages to Buying Your Boss a Coffee Machine

There are few things worse than a cranky, caffeine-deprived boss, other than a tired, cranky, caffeine-deprived boss. That’s the risk you take in allowing your manager to go without coffee. Coffee has addictive properties – yes – but that’s not our problem right now.


As employees, is it not one of our biggest duties to make sure things run smoothly and problems are solved before they are realised? Imagine the look of happiness on your bosses face when he or she walks in to the smell of fresh coffee and a steaming cuppa, just waiting for them to devour?

It’s going to help them calmly prepare that presentation due in a few hours – by increasing their focus, it will give them the much needed energy to get through their 12 hour day, after which they’re probably going to rush off to bath and feed the kids, cook supper (you know, life stuff).


They will appreciate the fact that you are simplifying their life in a way we never thought possible.


That same coffee machine can prepare a café-quality Cappuccino for when your bosses wife or husband pops by.


That coffee machine is never going to call in sick – its there for all occasions, good and bad.


Having a coffee machine means that nobody will need to take time off or be late for work again, just so they can grab a cup. Instead, you’re promoting an environment where the boss (as well as the employees, if your boss chooses to share their machine) feel a little spoiled, cared for, and have more time to build a team during the coffee break.


Is your manager expecting an important meeting, investor or client? Set up some good cups and saucers and the coffee machine, along with any product it may need. Your boss will appreciate the extra effort you took (which in all honesty is likely to take less than 10 minutes) and applaud you for thinking ahead for him or her – in a way that is bound to impress that important 08:30 guest that nobody had time to cater for.


Costs… If your boss is nice enough to sponsor the morning fuel for everyone – getting a coffee machine might cut his monthly coffee bill in as little as half! Even if he only buys himself a grande Americano each morning – these costs can spiral out of control. Use this as a tactical weapon – thank me later 🙂


Lastly – a great reason to buy your boss a coffee machine is because they freakin’ deserve it! You might only see the person delegating tasks to you, making you re-do PowerPoint presentations at the last minute or the guy (or girl) who asks you to stay overtime. But remember – they have people to answer to, too. They also have deadlines, targets, late nights at the office. A little gesture can go a long way – and the best part is they will likely share it with you (and the brownie points it came along with).


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have invested in a coffee machine for your boss or your office.


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