Head-to-Head: Jura, Saeco & Delonghi

Head-to-Head: Jura, Saeco & Delonghi

Jura, Saeco & Delonghi are three of the most recognisable brands in the home appliance industry today, each becoming household names in their own right across the span of decades. But which brand should you turn to if you’re thinking about buying a new coffee machine? It can be difficult to determine this without a little bit of insight into each. Three of the most prominent brands in the coffee industry will therefore go head-to-head today, to determine which one comes out on top, especially as we get into the start of a brand new decade, with each bidding to get a competitive edge over the other sooner rather than later. 

Face Value: Comparing Jura vs. Saeco vs. Delonghi

On face value, the companies have each had a long history. DeLonghi is the oldest, with roots as far back as 1902. Jura opened in the 1930’s, and Saeco is the baby of the bunch, getting its start in 1981. All three companies have humble beginnings in Europe, which has since led to branching out to other reasons to meet demand, although it’s worth saying that Jura has been the one brand to focus more squarely on their coffee machines, rather than looking at wider household appliances too. All three have dabbled a bit, with Saeco perhaps being the most recognizable as a kitchen appliance name in South Africa. This gives Jura a slight edge, on face value, at least. 

Coffee Machine Product Ranges

DeLonghi takes the cake when it comes to attention to detail and careful product design, which is often the reason that their machines come with heftier price tags. That said, the craftsmanship is exquisite and new designs regularly incorporate feedback from consumers, as well as tapping into potential innovation in the industry as a whole. Saeco’s products are a little more geared towards the middle class, with less of an emphasis on design, but more of a focus on practicality of product. This is a bonus, especially for emerging markets. Jura can be seen by some as a “one trick pony”, known predominantly for its automatic espresso machines. Some may argue that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but overall, when it comes to product versatility and design, DeLonghi is a clear frontrunner compared to the others. 

Overall Affordability and Value for Money

Style and design are all very good, but what about overall affordability and price? This is where Saeco does what it does best. With DeLonghi at the higher end of the spectrum, and Jura somewhere in the middle, if you’re looking for a new machine, Saeco may well be your most affordable option. From a value for money perspective, you won’t be able to beat their entry-level products, though you should be mindful that you may have more maintenance and replacement costs down the line with a product that is designed for the masses. Go with one of the others if you have the cash flow, alternatively, Saeco is a great place to start if you need a new machine that you know you can depend on.

Getting Your Hands On a Jura, Saeco or Delonghi Product

With each brand winning a specific section, it’s hard to say which is the overall best. Depending on your needs at the time, and which category you weigh up more heavily than the others, the winning brand may be the one that fits into what you’re looking for the most. Perhaps, all three are winners in their own right. Whether you’re looking for a new coffee machine from any of these three, or hunting for a coffee related product, it helps to speak to an expert who can guide you on your next purchase. You may even save a little bit of cash in the process too. Happy shopping!