Home Coffee Machines Review: SAGE by Heston Blumenthal – Barista Express

Home Coffee Machines Review: SAGE by Heston Blumenthal – Barista Express

“Heston Blumenthal – I’ve heard that name before. Wasn’t he that guy from Master Chef?” Did I guess right? Even if you’ve only ever heard that name once or twice – it’s too catchy to forget. Similarly, once you’ve seen this culinary-magician at work, you’re guaranteed to be in awe of what he can do. This was the clincher when it came to selecting the most innovate and “wow” coffee machine to review for home-based applications. Don’t believe me? Let the facts speak for themselves…

Coffee Grind Size Variations coffee grind sizes

You’d be forgiven for being surprised (and even a little excited) about this. You may not even be aware that this kind of functionality existed in a home coffee machine, well – hello world! Here it is! There are 18 various coffee grind sizes to work through. Bean-to-Cup Espresso grade coarseness can be achieved in less than a minute. That is time-conscious convenience. This machine’s main purpose is to provide you with the best possible cup of coffee, and if this is a starting point – the only way to go is up.

Heston Blumenthal’s Coffee Machine Technology: Thermocoil Heating System thermocoil

As mycoffeehub.com so aptly describes, this unique heating system plays an integral part in the quality of your coffee. In short, it is a “coiled heating element encased in a solid aluminium block”. This means that it will have a larger mass, occupy a larger volume and thus – be able to maintain a stable water temperature throughout the heating, brewing and frothing phases, again ensuring quality coffee every time.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Convenience: Freshness that cannot be Beaten fresh coffee beans heston

We all know that the source of a great cup of coffee starts with high quality coffee beans – but most importantly – their freshness. It is always recommended that from the time of grinding, coffee should be consumed within two weeks, in order for you to enjoy it’s optimal flavour. This machine comes with a handy 250g capacity hopper for you to freshly store your coffee beans, ready to grind, whenever it suits you.

Café Quality Coffee in Your Home coffee in your home

In my honest opinion, this is what all real coffee lovers are on a never-ending search for. The ease and regal feeling associated with knowing you have “A-Grade” Coffee at your disposal, in your own home, whether it’s an Espresso, Cappuccino or a good old Americano. It’s life’s little pleasures that are often the best. With quality stamps from the outset and throughout – including grinding, brewing and output pressure- magic is guaranteed in each and every cup brewed from this incredible machine.

Coffee Machine Pricing: SAGE Barista Express

This came as a major shock to me, in the best of ways. You’d think that with some entry-level pod coffee machines going for an average of R 3000.00, you’d pay at least triple, or even four-times that amount for a machine like this. I couldn’t believe that this one-stop coffee machine retails for £450 (roughly R 8500.00) excluding shipping etc.

Yay or nay? yay or nay coffee choices

Now – the question is – is this coffee machine for you? If your benchmark is quality, your needs are small (by this I mean you will be using this machine in your home) and your standards are high in terms of coffee taste – then it’s definitely for you. (also, if “money ain’t a thang”, this is also for you!) If you’re looking for a solution for your office? A factory, or even a reception area? Move along, swiftly. This will cost you more to operate than you’d want to know.