How Long Can You Safely Store Water in a Plastic Container?

Plastic container that is storing water safely

Having seen an extended drought just a couple of years ago, Capetonians are still doing what they can to ensure they have a backup supply at the ready in case the problem returns again. All over the country, water shortages are more common now than may have been the case previously, so families of all types are making plans to keep a steady supply of clean water at the ready. If storing water in plastic containers is an idea you want to pursue, it’s worth knowing how long you can safely store it in these types of containers. It’s also worth knowing about some of the other options at your disposal to keep in mind. 

General Tips for Water Storage

Safely storing water in general requires you to lay a decent groundwork first, as simply storing and transporting it in the nearest container may yield disastrous results for your health down the line. Take time to choose the correct containers for storing drinking water, including factoring in different sizes based on your specific needs. Bulk water storage tanks are an entirely different beast that requires a different approach, especially if they are there to catch rain water first (which will need to be treated before consumption). Always remember to clean the containers you are storing water in, and make sure they are stowed away in cool areas without exposure to direct sunlight.

Storing Water in Plastic Containers

Although water itself will never expire, you’ll often find that bottled water in plastic containers will have one. This is due to the fact that plastic can leach into the water over time, resulting in chemical contamination that is toxic to the drinker. Bottled water can also be contaminated relatively quickly if it doesn’t have a secure seal, and there is room for pests or other bacteria to slip into the supply. When you’re using plastic containers, never store water in them for longer than 3 to 6 months, and keep a close eye for when it starts to become discoloured, cloudy or for any signs of contamination that will make it harmful for consumption. 

A plastic bottle that gets reused for water storage

Other Methods for Safe Water Storage

There are multiple ways of storing water over and above just using plastic containers. From utilising private wells and springs to building purifying tanks and maintaining the conditions carefully, no matter how you end up storing the water you will have to be mindful of replacing it anywhere upwards of 6 months from bottling. This not only ensures a healthy glass every time, but also preserves the good taste you will have come to bank on when it comes to your daily consumption. Explore multiple methods for storage based on your individual needs, but never tempt fate by storing water for longer than might be safe to do so. 

Peace of Mind & Good Overall Health

The Aquazania team can help make introducing a steady, safe supply of clean water into your home or office space easier than ever. Our bottled water solutions are great for worries around water “load shedding”, as they don’t tap into the main line and will offer you a clean glass with every single sip. If peace of mind about the quality of your drinking water is what you’re after, a bottleless solution could be a good idea too. We offer models for rent or purchase, truly catering to budgets of all types, and offering a healthy, purified water solution to spaces all over South Africa with little to no fuss or effort.

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