How Much Water To Drink Daily During COVID-19

As the world battles COVID-19, we all have a role to play in terms of taking responsibility for our health, be it directly related to keeping safe from the virus, as well as looking after ourselves regardless of being stuck indoors. One way to keep up good health is to continue to drink water throughout the lockdown, and avoiding depending on sugary juices or fizzy drinks. So how much water should we be drinking a day during this time? Let’s explore this, as well as taking a closer look at some of the health benefits you can expect by increasing your daily intake. 

The Daily Recommended Amount

On any given day, we need to do our best to avoid dehydration at all costs, which is done by consuming adequate amounts of water. As we’re moving our bodies less, we may be inclined to drink less than the daily recommended amount of two litres, which is a mistake. On the contrary, keeping our cells nourished should be a priority as this improves overall health and affects how our bodies respond to problems like fighting infections. Eight glasses a day should do the trick, and you can offset feeling like you have to consume copious amounts in one go by drinking a glass when you wake up, and one after dinner, in order to spread out your consumption during the course of the day. 

Can Drinking Water Help Prevent COVID-19?

In recent weeks, a lot of Facebook posts have circulated indicating that drinking water can help to prevent you getting infected by coronavirus. The primary reason for this is that water helps to keep your mouth and throat moist. Health experts have been quick to quash these kinds of thoughts, and drinking water has not been directly linked to active prevention of the disease in a more literal sense. Drinking water has other health benefits, which helps combating a virus like this (or any other virus, for that matter) a little easier on your body, and possibly even increases the recovery period. Water won’t curb the spread of COVID-19, but will likely help with the recovery process. 


The Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Water is a cardinal need of the body, as it forms up to 60% of the contents of our bodies. It has a vital role to play in terms of keeping us hydrated, helping to form saliva and mucus, as well as lubricating the joints. Skin health is improved when you’re consuming a lot of water. It is used to cushion the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues. It even helps to regulate our body temperature. There is a nearly endless list of health benefits associated with drinking enough water each day, some of which are more practical for day-to-day stressors as well. Headache got you down? Two glasses of water and a quick lie-down in the dark should do the trick. Try it next time you’re reaching for the paracetamol as a gut reaction.  

Where To Look For The Best Clean Water Solutions

When sourcing your supply of water for the day, there are healthier solutions you should explore than just going for unfiltered tap water. Companies like Aquazania are renowned for their water filters, cooler systems and their purification process, on top of being an industry leader in South Africa. Everyone has a different situation at home, and we all have different wants, capabilities and needs. If you’re looking to bring healthy, purified water into the home, which offers you peace of mind with each sip, then it’s worth chatting to them about their rental and sale options. The health benefits will follow, and are greatly needed in the midst of a global pandemic. 

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