How to Clean and Descale Your Beloved Coffee Machine

Did you know that many people lump cleaning and descaling in the same box when it comes to their coffee machines? In reality, they are very different practices and processes. Cleaning aims to get rid of unhealthy substances that might alter the taste or contaminate the coffee in some way. Descaling has to do with the removal of mineral build up in the machine. Both work together to extend the lifespan of the machine, forming a significant part of you and your family getting the most out of the investment. 

Why is Descaling Your Machine Important?

Water is known for containing minerals, like magnesium and calcium. As these pass through the coffee machine, they tend to build up, especially on the heating element. This forms limescale, which can affect the quality of the cup and pose a potential health risk too. Descaling is important for avoiding this, as well as to prevent the build-up as the machine gets used. In a setting where there is a lot of usage, like an office space, descaling has to happen more regularly. Most machines will signal when it’s required, but it’s worth jotting down a note in your calendar too just to be safe. 

Check Manufacturer Instructions

Although it’s tempting to DIY the cleaning and descaling processes for your machine, the safest bet is to check and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. No machines are made equal, after all. These should be in a physical booklet to reference, usually available to download digitally on the company website too. If you’ve got any questions about one of the steps, try an online forum. There are many fellow coffee lovers who would be happy to offer advice so everyone can enjoy a great experience with every cup of caffeine. 

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A Rule of Thumb (Mostly)

As we mentioned, you can’t apply a blanket rule for cleaning and descaling to every machine out on the market. There is a rough rule of thumb when it comes to descaling however, involving filling the water chamber halfway with white vinegar and topping it up with water. Start a brew cycle and once halfway, turn off the machine and let it sit for 60 minutes. The more you descale, the less likely you will have to let the machine sit. Be careful when trying this approach, make sure the manufacturer doesn’t warn against doing so and speak to an online community to double check it has been tried with your specific make and model. 

Additional Advice is Available

When it comes to cleaning and descaling your beloved coffee machine, the Aquaspresso team is here to offer advice on going about it properly. Our machines are geared for both, with tried and tested customers who have been able to get the maximum lifespan out of them. Whether you’re buying or renting a machine from us, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction to look after it to the best of your abilities. At the end of the day, a seamless, enjoyable coffee experience is our wish for everyone around the world.