How to get the perfect brew from your Jura coffee machine

How to get the perfect brew from your Jura coffee machine

Jura coffee machines in South Africa are renowned for their quality, style and of course, the great coffee they produce. While many leading restaurants, coffee shops as well as home owners now have their own Jura coffee machines, many of them could still use some coffee making tips. Reading up on a few hints and tricks can help you perfect your coffee brews.

Tips for making the perfect brew:

  • Your machine: To get the most out of your Jura coffee machine, familiarise yourself with all its functions and features. Some Jura machines feature programmable buttons which can be used to create your own coffee profile. Maybe you prefer your coffee stronger than your spouse or maybe you like bitter coffee in the morning and sweet coffee in the afternoon. Experiment with all the features of your machine until you are able to create the brews that are perfect for you.
  • Maintenance: To get a perfect cup of coffee every time, you will need to make sure that your machine is properly maintained. Be sure to keep your machine clean and to de-scale it every couple of months. Refer to your product manual to find out more about coffee machine maintenance.
  • Ingredients: Don’t skimp on the ingredients. Find some good quality beans and make sure to grind them in accordance with the recommendations for your particular machine. Use only bottled water to ensure that you get the best quality brew.
  • Temperatures: The right temperatures are essential to make and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. Make sure to pre-heat the cups you will use to serve your beverage in and don’t wait too long before serving.

How Aquaspresso can help you

Aquaspresso offers a wide range of coffee machines for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, offices and home use. Partner with us to receive top quality capsule and bean to cup machines. Get a perfect brew from your Jura coffee machine in South Africa every time by investing in the right equipment.