How To Make the Perfect Cappuccino

How To Make the Perfect Cappuccino

Cappuccino is more popular than ever and the new cappuccino coffee machines in South Africa are capable of making the perfect cappuccino. If you want restaurant coffee on tap – make sure you follow these great cappuccino making tips:

Tips for making the perfect cappuccino

  • Quality cappuccino: To make a great cup of cappuccino, you need quality coffee beans and a great cappuccino machine. Do some research to find out which machine will work for your taste and pocket.  Your best bet would be to buy or rent a quality machine like the Jura IMPRESSA X9 platinum.
  • Water: Only use bottled water in your cappuccino coffee machine. The tap water in many of South Africa’s regions is ‘hard’, containing excess minerals and chemicals which will make your cappuccino taste off. Also make sure to use the right ratio of water to grounds as using too much or too little will ruin your cappuccino.
  • Temperatures: Temperature is one of the key elements in making a great cappuccino. Make sure that the cappuccino coffee machine and porta-filter is hot to ensure equal temperature distribution throughout the brewing process. Pre-heat the cups in which you are planning to serve the beverages. When the cappuccino is done, serve it quickly so that your guests enjoy their coffee at the optimal temperature.

7 Easy steps for perfect cappuccino

1. Pour your coffee into a 150ml or larger cup so that you have room for the milk.

2. Set your cappuccino machine to steam.

3. Fill a stainless-steel carafe (wide-mouthed glass with a lip) with 90ml cold milk and insert the steam nozzle.

4. Place the steam nozzle halfway down in milk and leave it in milk for 45 to 60 seconds, or until the milk is hot and there’s enough foam for your preference.

5. Add 50ml steamed milk to the cup of cappuccino.

6. Spoon some foamed milk onto the top.

7. If you like, sprinkle with ground chocolate, cinnamon or nutmeg.

Making the perfect cappuccino with your coffee machine is fun and easy. If you are looking for top quality cappuccino coffee machines in South Africa, partner with Aquaspresso today!