How To Store Coffee: The Top 5 Tips on How To Properly Store Your Coffee

How To Store Coffee: The Top 5 Tips on How To Properly Store Your Coffee

This topic can be so easily overlooked, but it may just be the biggest influence on the actual quality of your cup of coffee. Poorly or incorrectly stored coffee (whether beans, grounds or filter coffee) can lose its taste and rich flavour in as little as two weeks. I’m sure that by reading this, you are looking for some guidelines on exactly how you should be storing your coffee; let’s go through your best options.

Coffee Storage Tip #1: Buy Whole Coffee Beans coffee beans whole

Ok, this isn’t exactly a coffee storage tip, but more of a general tip to extend the quality-life of your coffee; buying and storing whole coffee beans means that the natural taste and freshness of your coffee is retained just that little bit longer than pre-ground coffee. So, if you have the choice, rather go for whole coffee beans.

Coffee Storage Tip #2: Use The Right Container Ceramic Coffee Container

It’s obvious that a Zip-Loc bag will be less effective than an airtight, solid container. But, did you know that a ceramic-material airtight container is even more effective than your run-of-the-mill plastic container? I have a hankering that this may have something to do with the fact that ceramic actively assists in keeping the core temperature lower, thus preserving the beans even longer.

Coffee Storage Tip #3: Never Store Coffee in the Fridge or Freezer Frozen Coffee

Yes, “cool and dry” translates directly to “fridge”, doesn’t it? Nope, not at all, actually. But, why? Roasted coffee beans are porous, meaning that they absorb smells and air relatively easily. Now imagine you have an onion in the fridge, or any kind of strong-scented fruit or food item nearby. The porous beans will absorb whatever scent they are exposed to, and of course, this will drastically decrease the flavour quality and intensity of your brew.

Coffee Storage Tip #4: Steer Clear of Direct Sunlight Direct Sunlight is bad for coffee

Sunlight has many restorative, as well as damaging properties. Unfortunately, it is as destructive to a roasted coffee bean as it is vital to the growing of the coffee cherry, ironically. Just as sunlight bleaches dark material, so too does it affect the intensity of your coffee beans.

Coffee Storage Tip #5: Consider One of These Airtight-Sealed Coffee Storage Containers  Tightvac Coffeevac Container retails this little work of pure genius for a little over R 200.00. You can add your whole coffee beans, ground or filter coffee to it, vacuum seal it, and provided you store it (as mentioned) out of direct sunlight and in a cool space, your beans can last a considerably longer amount of time.

Whether you enjoy the occasional cup, if you are a self-proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur, or if you just like to have quality coffee at hand for your convenience, consider these options and make sure to stick by The Top 5 Tips of Coffee Storage.

If storage isn’t your concern, but rather procurement of fine coffee and coffee machines, leave a comment below and one of our coffee experts will contact you directly.