The Importance of Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

The Importance of Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

If you’re a proud owner of a coffee machine at home, you’ll know just how easy it is to get attached, especially as it provides you with a great cuppa every morning of your life. Being a coffee machine owner comes with some responsibility too, as the better you take care of the machine, the more likely it will last over and above its conventional warranty time. Today, we’ll discuss why it’s important to keep the machine clean as from lifespan considerations, look at how often you should be descaling the machine in the first place, as well as give some insight as to who you can talk to if you need additional assistance. 

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Coffee Machine

It’s relatively simple for mold and bacteria to thrive in the coffee maker, largely because it is being used multiple times in any given day, the machine typically has some moist weak spots and there may even be some hard to reach places as a result of all the different bells and whistles of your particular machine. Aside from these concerns, a dirty coffee machine truly has the ability to ruin the taste of your coffee, which will be more evident if you’ve gotten used to a certain standard, which you’re paying for in the first place and should not compromise just because you don’t want to prioritise time to keep it clean. 

How Often You Should Descale Your Coffee Machine

Descaling is a great way to get the process rolling, and most modern machines do have an indicator which lets you know when it is necessary. If your machine doesn’t have this function, a general rule is to make sure you do it at least every eight weeks. If you use a water filter, the machine will need to be descaled less, but don’t take any chances and set a schedule for yourself in order to remember to give the machine the proper “TLC” it deserves. 

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Coffee Machine Regularly?

For some machines, even just a couple of days of not cleaning the right areas will result in the accumulation of coffee oils, which turn black and rancid, ruining your next cup for sure. Pay attention to the taste of your coffee each morning, especially if your machine allows for individual programming which is meant to deliver the same cup to you time and time again. If you’re an espresso lover and it starts to come out “thin”, whiter in colour or with a strange taste, you know that it may be time to do a thorough clean. Always use your senses to make an evaluation of the situation and consult the manual thoroughly if you have any questions. 

Getting More Tips About Cleaning and Maintaining Your Coffee Machine

In certain situations, the manual may be lost, in another language or simply plain confusing. If you’re unsure about how to clean your coffee machine, it helps to have some backup support in the form of an expert. Aquaspresso has built their business model on the coffee industry, providing a range of rentals and the sale of coffee machines to aficionados from all over South Africa. Their team would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have, so you can be sure to get the best possible cup of coffee each time you use your machine.