In Comparison: Canned Water vs. Bottled Water

Spring, mineral and purified water traditionally comes from a variety of sources and mostly gets packaged in the form of bottles. It’s relatively common to come across these at most supermarkets and even at petrol stations around the countries. Perhaps you’re used to skimming past the products you don’t usually buy when you’re doing your grocery shopping, and you haven’t seen that water sometimes also comes in cans. Surprised? We were too. So what exactly is canned water, and why don’t we see more of it? Is it healthier for us than bottled water? Let’s dive into this a little bit today. 

What is Canned Water?

Canned water refers to drinking water (including spring, purified, carbonated and mineral water) that is packaged in aluminium or tin-plated steel cans. These are typically less common to bottled water and with less suppliers around the world. Water is not typically sold in cans for one very important reason: practicality. More people like to be able to travel with their water bottles, and a can, once opened, cannot be closed again like a water bottle can. 

Bottled Water in a Nutshell

Bottled water refers to drinking water that has been packaged in plastic or glass bottles. These typically come in carbonated or noncarbonated versions and there is a competitive market in South Africa as a result of high demand. These bottles come in various sizes, all the way up to large options for water coolers. 

Canned Water vs. Bottled Water: Who Comes Out on Top?

As you may have guessed, Bottled water takes the cake when you compare it side-by-side to canned water, for three prominent reasons. The first, is the reason we’ve mentioned already, namely that from a practical (travel) perspective, it’s easier to carry around a bottle that can be sealed again after a few sips. Secondly, size versatility should be considered. Cans come in standard sizes, and you’re unlikely to find a can big enough to house the same amount of liquid a water cooler bottle can. Last but not least, from an environmental standpoint, some experts suggest that aluminium cans are better for the environment as they are easy to recycle. The counter-argument is that you have to buy a lot more cans to get the same amount of water from a single 500ml bottle. From this perspective, you’re creating more waste by buying multiple aluminium cans, rather than just a single bottle that can be reused a few times. 

Getting Your Hands on Bottled Water This Month

Coming out on top as the clear winner, bottled water takes the cake today, showcasing just why it is the primary choice of consumers from all over the country, and has been for some time. If you’re wondering about some alternatives to buying bottled water that will save you a bit of cash in the long run, or if you’re looking to start introducing some bottled water to your lifestyle, Aquazania can help. They’re trusted experts in the water field, giving advice based on your individual needs, and often compromising their own profit margins to give you the best possible long-term solution. You can’t go wrong when talking to their team about water. 

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