Instant Coffee Vending Machines in South Africa:

Instant Coffee Vending Machines in South Africa:

Let’s be honest, a cup of coffee is what really starts your day.

And whether or not you can make a good cup of coffee definitely makes a difference;

A good cup of coffee will hit the spot and almost always give you a head-start to your morning. While on the other hand, a bad cup of coffee makes you realize just how terrible your early mornings can be. 

However, with an instant coffee vending machine you are guaranteed quality in every cup.These machines are designed to add the perfect balance of ingredients into your cup every single time, always promising a tasty cup of coffee. It’s fair to say that with an instant coffee vending machine you will taste the difference in your mornings. 

Where to get your instant coffee vending machine?

Aquaspresso offer an entire range of coffee vending machines and various other coffee consumables in order to provide the most enjoyable coffee experiences. We understand all the complications and worries that come with buying a coffee machine, and that’s why we offer flexible coffee machine rental options so that if your machine is not a perfect fit for you – it can be exchanged for something better suited for your needs.

Additionally, we provide a free installation and training so that nothing can go wrong with the set-up and use of your machine and if somehow it does, we offer free maintenance and technical assistance to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.  

Aqua Instant Vending Coffee Machine: :

The Aqua Instant Vending Machine is for your medium to large offices, catering to up to 100 people. This machine has been Aquaspresso’s most popular office coffee machine for the last 2 years. It is priced at R21 500 or R510 p/m and offers the following economical benefits: 

-Save on milk and sugar.

-Enjoy a variety of options such as cappuccino and hot chocolate at lower prices than beans and capsules. 

-You want an easy, one-touch machine without undergoing the large expenses of one. 

You can enjoy the following beverages: Espresso, Cappuccino, latte, black coffee, white coffee, tea, hot water, hot chocolate and choccaccino. 

Alternatively, if we are not the right fit for you then take a look here: 

Frontier Coffee:

Frontier Coffee have the Bianchi Sprint Instant Coffee Machine.

This Italian designed coffee machine offers instant coffee, hot beverages and on-board sugar and milk. It can make: Espresso; black and white coffee; cappuccino; hot chocolate; moccachino; latte; chocochino; hot water. Additionally, all hot drinks have a choice of sugar or no sugar.

Inquire with them for additional information and pricing. 


Vending Solutions: 

Vending solutions has a variety of coffee machines and few alternative options for instant coffee vending machines. They have the Terra Nerva Instant Coffee Vending Machine with 22 hot drinks selection. This coffee machine is designed with four removable product canisters that can be filled with your choice of consumables, purchased from any outlet. 

Inquire with them for additional information and pricing. 


 Contact: 0861 656 055

 Address: 27 Southway Street Kelvin, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2090.

To simply conclude, 

An instant coffee vending machine offers conveniences and economical, price-saving alternatives like no other coffee machine.

Make the change and start your day off right.