Is Tap Water Safe To Drink in 2020?

It’s an age old question that plagues communities around the world… is tap water safe to drink in 2020? We’re not just talking about it being safe for consumption, but truly safe in the sense that it is actually good for your health to do so. Let’s explore this in the South African context today, taking into account what the government has to say about it, weighing up the health benefits from doing so and exploring alternatives if need be. 

The Government’s Perspective

“SA’s tap water is safe to drink” according to the government website, aimed at reassuring tourists that the water in our country is safe for human consumption. They even go as far as to say that it is of a high quality standard. While the water is typically safe to consume straight from the tap, the question remains as to whether you can be reassured that tap water is actually good for you in the long run. In a sense, it might be safe to drink in the short term, and there may be long term effects you won’t necessarily consider until your health takes a turn in some way.

Safe, Perhaps. But Good For You?

With tap water, you’re getting a good glass of water that will nourish your body, but the problem is that you can never be sure that it doesn’t contain some contaminants, bacteria or other harmful substances. On the contrary, consider that purified water, which has been filtered to remove chemicals and other contaminants, usually removes 99% of the bacteria and algae that could be harmful to your health. This ensures that you stay healthier for longer, and that you’re less likely to get common colds and other typical illnesses related to the human experience. 

Is It Possible To Tell If Tap Water Is Contaminated?

You may be wondering if there is an easy way to tell if water is contaminated, and the short answer is yes and no. Yes, because if you use your sense and you notice that the water isn’t clear, has an odor or tastes different to what you’re used to, it’s likely that something is up. Keep a watch for a metallic or fishy taste, as well as murky water, which could mean that something isn’t quite right. While we shouldn’t have to go through this process, you can imagine that in supplying drinking water to millions of people, governments around the world cannot always guarantee its safety in all areas. 

How To Ensure a Quality Glass Each Time

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