Junior by Bravilor – Your Coffee Break Just Got Personal

Junior by Bravilor – Your Coffee Break Just Got Personal

Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre, the Bravilor Junior bears this quality mark with pride. While we’re already quite familiar with the Bravilor Novo – the industrial filter coffee machine that is outrageously popular with offices and homes alike – the Junior by Bravilor is here to make your home coffee experience just that much better.

Bravilor Junior Review

Using high-quality materials, this single-flask filter coffee machine is as sleek and compact as it is powerful. Encased in a solid metal housing, and boasting the brandy-shaped glass jug and ceramic coated filter holder, there is zero compromise on quality in this design.

Your internal water reservoir fills up the internal stainless steel boiler, and with a powerful 1550w boiler – your coffee is ready for preparation in a matter of seconds. One full water reservoir (capacity of 1.25 litres)  fills up your grounds in no time, allowing them to be brewed to perfection. This is done by method of spray head, ensuring an even soaking of all the ground coffee and brewing at just the right temperature; yes, it’s filter coffee, but it’s Barista-level quality filter coffee.

PTC technology keeps your freshly brewed batch at just the right temperature to prevent scalding or loss of heat (resulting in bitterness and a generally yucky taste). The flow control allows for personalized extraction – meaning stronger coffee n days you need it and weaker on the days you don’t.

This is the ideal choice for the home user who enjoys either a solitary cup, or a few throughout the day – or if you’re feeling generous – shared between the family.

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