Jura Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Review

Jura Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Review

Jura has a great selection of automatic coffee machines on offer, but there is one that is standing the test of time as a popular choice for consumers looking for the bean to cup experience. The Jura F8 was designed for conventional office workspaces catering to around thirty people, but these days it is also bought by consumers looking for a higher-end experience at home and a better price than some of the competitor offerings. So how does the F8 shape up in 2020? Let’s explore this based on it’s design, ease of use, price and general impressions from using it to make a few cups. 

Design & Size

The F8 has a notably sleek design, coming in a standard black colour with metallic finishes. In terms of size, it is relatively small when compared to some of the other models with similar features, meaning it is easy to move around and can be a practical choice if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Jura does a great job of making their machines look “timeless” in a way. A couple of years ago, a machine like this might have looked a little out there, but now they fit perfectly into our tech-friendly lifestyles. 

Ease of Use

If bean to cup is what you’re after, the F8 gives you this… twice! The display is easy to navigate and you won’t have a problem figuring out how to use it without the instruction manual. This is a key feature of many automatic machines, which can be complicated to navigate, especially if you’re using the machine in an environment where more than ten people are going to be using it (and need to be trained to do so). The F8 gives you instant cups of delicious coffee, so make sure you have your favourite beans ready before you plug it in. 


In 2020, you can expect to pay anywhere from R12 000 to R15 000 for the F8, depending on where you look. This is very competitive if you consider some of the newer models that are retailing at double this. For home owners that are wanting to start a journey of bringing higher quality coffee into their daily lives, this machine is perfect. The only thing to keep in mind is that at this price, the machine is not as refined as it could be, particularly related to how loud it is. A definite con is that it makes a bit of noise, which won’t be ideal for other members of the family if you’re an early riser.

General Impressions

After having a cup brewed by the machine, and using the then “state of the art” frother when the machine was first introduced, we’ve gotta say that we’re impressed. A cappuccino took just two touches of a button, and getting our hands on a delicious cup was fast and easy. With a water tank size of nearly two litres, you won’t be filling this one up all the time, but it may well be tricky if you’re using it in an office environment. All-in-all, the machine is great value for money, and is a trusted model that has stood the test of time. If you’re looking to get your hands on the F8, Aquaspresso has got you covered for new models and affordable rentals.