JURA Coffee App South Africa – Quality Customised Convenience

JURA Coffee App South Africa– Quality Customised Convenience

Would you classify yourself as a refined coffee drinker, or even someone who enjoys their latte made a certain way? Do you like being able to make your coffee on demand, without first having to change machine settings or remember coffee to milk ratio at 07:04 am when your brain has only just drawn the curtains?

Or are you someone who simply enjoys the convenience of using everyday technology – stuff you would have used either way – to get things done?

Which Jura Machines Are Compatible with the JURA App?

The JURA App is available on most smart devices and all you need to make your machine compatible is the Jura Smart Connect Bluetooth Device. Not to say your ENA Micro 1 is going to work off of this, there are some pre-selected machines that are compatible with this type of technology:

Jura GIGA 5


Jura Z6

Jura J6

Jura J600

Jura E8

Jura E80

Jura E800

Jura E6

Jura E60

Jura E600

What Devices Are Compatible with the JURA App?

Android 4.4 (or higher)

iOS 7.0 (or higher)

Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher)

Where Can I Download the JURA App?

Google Play – for tablet devices

Apple Store – for tablet devices

Google Play – for cellular devices

Apple Store – for cellular devices

What Can The JURA App Do?

As if using a Jura coffee machine wasn’t pleasant and easy enough, it just became tenfold easier and more fun. The JURA App allows users to “easily transfer your personal coffee preferences to your tablet or smartphone and benefit from numerous setting and programming options on the automatic coffee machine linked via Bluetooth®. The settings saved on the machine are not affected.

Customise your start screen, give your favourite specialities new names or an image of your choice and program your specialities just as you like them. Simply touch the tablet/smartphone and your favourite speciality flows into the cup.”

Courtesy of Jura :

Customised Coffee

Customise the coffee strength, amount of coffee and water and temperature of your favourite specialities to your preferences and experience customised coffee pleasure every time you prepare a coffee via your tablet or smartphone.

Customised Access

The app’s start screen can be customised. Position your favourite specialities on the start screen and arrange them as you like. Once you launch the app, you are taken to your favourite speciality coffee by the most direct route possible.

Customised Product Names

“Michael’s morning coffee”, “My Hero” or “Cappuccin-oh”. Give each speciality coffee a different name. The JURA Coffee App allows you to name all products in a few easy steps.

Customised Image

Are the standard product images for latte macchiato, cappuccino etc. a bit dull for you? No problem, select an image from your gallery or use one of your own photos. Your screen will be given an individual makeover in a flash.