Jura Coffee Machine Accessories: The Jura Professional Frother – The Difference Between Good and Great Coffee

Jura Coffee Machine Accessories: The Jura Professional Frother – The Difference Between Good and Great Coffee

The Swiss brand Jura has, for the longest time, been synonymous (if not directly linked) to Swiss quality and engineering. They have developed coffee machines suited to each type of market – home, office and restaurant.

Those who are fortunate enough to be able to have a Jura Coffee Machine in their home will likely be spending a discernible amount of time looking after, maintaining and cleaning the machine, to extend it’s lifespan and get the best coffee they can from it.

Now, there are a few tips and tricks we have already over-viewed, like replacing a jammed drip tray etc., but what one single trick can take your Jura Coffee Machines cappuccino and latte from immeasurably better?

The Jura Professional Milk Frother

Most Jura’s come standard with the Easy Fine-Foam Frother, which is great. It will provide you with quality, fine foam, but that’s about it.

Stepping up your game by swapping out your fine-foam frother and replacing it with the Professional Frother will noticeably change the consistency of your froth. See, the Professional Fine Foam Frother will provide you with the tool you need to properly prepare café-quality speciality milk and milk-foam drinks (like Macchiato and Latte’s).

The Professional Fine Foam Milk frother attaches to your Jura Coffee Machine the same way the regular frother does, the technology lies in the multi-chamber system.

The first stage in this system froths your milk (check out our handy guide on which milk produces the best froth) to Barista standard – fine foam at it’s best which is long lasting and smooth on the palette.

The second stage is where the Professional Fine Foam frother draws in milk and heats it. This is added to your speciality coffee drink.

We would recommend adding your heated milk to your cup first, then adding your coffee component and topping it off with your fine-foam froth. Doing it this way allows for the foam to remain in-tact.

Jura Coffee Machine Accessories Pricing

So, what’s this going to set you back? You’ll be over the moon to know that the Jura Professional Fine-Foam Frother comes in at around R 700.00, about R 100.00 – R 150.00 more than the standard Easy Fine-Foam Frother.

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