Why Is A Jura Coffee Machine For My Coffee Shop A Good Fit?

Why Is A Jura Coffee Machine For My Coffee Shop A Good Fit?

The smell of a coffee shop is arguably one of the most satisfying, alluring and delicious smells one could imagine. Is it because of the filter coffee pot that translates into bottomless coffee for the customers? Maybe. Or maybe it’s the aroma of freshly ground beans, seductively wafting from the automatic coffee machine.

Some coffee shops do use traditional machines – the ones that require the dedication and skill of a Barista to operate. However, considering that is a whole different ball game – one that requires a salaried and skilled individual just to operate one machine – we’ve seen a shift (including Starbucks franchises) of coffee shops moving towards automatic coffee machines.

Automatic coffee machines lend the consistency in brew for each cup, and also allow a cup of coffee to be made by anyone (even those who have no Barista training) to make a perfect cuppa in under a minute. Most of the newer Jura models, fitted with the Professional Fine Foam Frothers, allow for speciality drinks such as Flat White and Latte’s.

Why Is An Automatic Coffee Machine Better Than Traditional?

We briefly mentioned that the consistency provided by an automatic coffee machine is easier to achieve than a traditional machine ever could be. Further to this, the time that can be saved by having the option to click a single button and have your drink delivered to your cup in less than a minute is incredible.

Bean to cup or automatic coffee machines can have so many settings tweaked and corrected to satisfy every need that – with a little training – you can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Being able to adjust grind size, coffee strength and water temperature means that the yuppie who walks in – demanding a steaming hot Latte with two shots of extra strong “Expresso” (I urge you to overlook this transgression when they say it, and rather politely inform them that there is NO X IN ESPRESSO) – you can calmly click away at a few buttons to make their hearts desire come true.

Similarly, the coffee purist standing behind him who asks for a medium temperature Ristretto will be met with the same enthusiasm and calmness as was the yuppie.

Why Would A Jura Not Be Right For My Coffee Shop?

If you are a coffee shop which basis part of their offering on the theatrics of coffee – i.e. – a Barista who can grind, tamp and brew an excellent coffee and then top it off with customised latte art – an automatic coffee machine may simply not be the right thing for you. Yes, a bean to cup machine makes Barista-quality coffee drinks, but it does it all “behind the scenes” – and will not add that piece of magic which a Barista can.

Which Jura Is A Good Choice For My Coffee Shop?

If you are of the thinking that a Jura is in fact a great fit for your coffee shop, you must consider these three key factors before choosing the make and model of your Jura:

1) How big is my coffee shop – and how many cups per day do I anticipate needing to make?

If you have a small cake and coffee shop, with less than about 50 customers per day, consider getting yourself an F-range or E-range of the Jura coffee machine offering. This allows for a smaller amount of coffee to be made (without compromise on quality) – while allowing you to rent or purchase it at a far lower cost than other types of coffee machines.

2) Will the machine be in the front of house area of your coffee shop, or behind the scenes?

If aesthetic is a deciding factor for you, make sure you check out the machine before renting or buying it. The WE range from Jura is the newest “kid on the block” – and has really upped the aesthetics game. You might want to stay away from the XS range, as the looks of that range are somewhat outdated.

3) Does it need to make speciality drinks, like Latte’s and Flat Whites?

Most Jura machines that are compatible with the Professional Fine Foam Frothers will be able to satisfy this need. The Professional Fine Foam Frother can be adjusted for making micro-foam as well as steamed milk, translating directly into the most delicious Latte’s and flat whites.

4) Do I need a machine than can make both decaf and regular caffeinated drinks?

The only machines that can make both decaf as well as regular caffeinated coffee are those fitted with dual coffee bean hoppers – i.e. – the GIGA range. These machines are deigned for high-usage area’s, with the demand for speed, bulk output and also a gorgeous look.

So, Is a Jura the right coffee machine for your coffee shop?

If you need the following times satisfied, consider getting a Jura:

1) Quality, consistent coffee at the touch of a button

2) Renowned Swiss-manufactured quality machinery

3) Ease of use for speciality as well as pure coffee drinks

However, if you need any of the below items satisfied, consider another type of coffee machine:

1) You need the theatrics of a Barista and traditional coffee machine in your shop

2) You require a cheap machine to sell to customers in a likewise manner to a canteen

3) You are opting for quantity over quality.