How To get your Jura Coffee Machine out of Descaling Mode

How To get your Jura Coffee Machine out of Descaling Mode

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Wow, you’re lucky enough to own, or be renting, a Jura Coffee Machine. You know the basics of how the machine works and enjoy the coffee it produces beyond measure. But then, all of a sudden, you realise that annoying pop-up keeps showing on your machine, telling you to clean the filter – or even worse – “De-Scale Machine”! Your heart sinks, because this is going to take forever. But, alas, there are solutions – and a few “hacks”. Below, I will list the quickest fixes and hopefully we can make your life just that little bit easier. Please do note that if you are not using a filter, you may very well honestly require a descaling in order to keep your machine in tip-top condition. This post is aimed more at those who have already fitted filters in their machines and are still receiving a descaling warning.

Coffee Machine Filter Settings: Good to Know

First up, your coffee machine can easily be set-up to indicate that there is in fact a filter in your water canister; even if there isn’t. If you are indeed using a filter, you will only need to change the filter between approximately every 350 cups made. I reiterate, if you are not using purified water, please rather do the full descaling process if prompted, explained a bit later in this post. To set your machine to reflect that a filter has been inserted, press in your menu button (this is usually neatly tucked away behind a compartment on the front of a machine) and turn the dial until it shows “Filter” – click and set to “Yes”.


How To perform a Coffee Machine Filter Change

Your screen may display “Change Filter”, and this is recommended, as outlined earlier, between approximately every 350 cups made. The process to follow in this instance is outlined as follows:

Press the button which resembles a group of water droplets when the screen indicates “Coffee Ready / Change Filter”. The duration is two minutes and this is recommended at least on a weekly basis.

However, going a bit further, and for a deeper clean, once this process has been started, remove the external water canister and empty it.

You will see a type of clip attached to the long white filter inside the canister; unclip this external clip and remove the filter from the canister.

Replace the filter with a new one in the same manner as it was removed, and replace the clip correctly to ensure the filter is held in place thereafter.

Fill up your water canister with fresh water.

The next step may be the most important after replacing a filter: Ensure you flush the new filter BEFORE you make your next cup of coffee, as with anything, you want to remove any strange tastes it may produce, by means of flushing it. You can do this by pressing the maintenance button again (the water droplets button) and allowing for a filter flush. Tip: Ensure you have placed an empty cup underneath the milk frother dispenser and allow it to run its duration.

Why am I still getting a warning to de-scale my coffee machine even though I have fitted a filter?

The coffee machine may not have been setup to indicate filter mode, so the machine simply does not recognise that the filter overrides the need to do descaling. Pro tip: Remember to program and rinse the filter each time the machine is started up. Use your menu button, scroll to “Filter” and select “Yes”.

How To perform Descaling on your Jura Coffee Machine

I’m sorry, nobody likes having to do this, and it can be a time-consuming process, but it is a necessary nuisance. I can offer you a pat on the back and some advice though? Unfortunately, if you have not been using purified water, it is likely and even probable that you will need to do some descaling your machine. Fortunately, apart from the time it takes, this process is fairly easy and straight-forward. Whether you have fitted a filter or not, it is foremost recommended that you empty the water canister daily and replace it with fresh water.

To perform a descaling, remove the canister, empty it and re-fill it with fresh water. Then add one or two de-scaling tablets to the canister and allow them to dissolve fully. Go to your maintenance programming button (menu button) and select “Decalcify”. This process will take some time, but once completed, ensure you remove your water canister again and rinse it thoroughly. As with the process of replacing your filter, press the “water-droplet” maintenance button again and this will perform one final, two-minute long flush, ensuring your machine has been rid of any residue or chemical cleanser that may have been left behind. 

Yes, it is an “inconvenience”, but then again, it’s a lot less hassle to keep up with the required maintenance frequently, rather than have to replace your machine because it is permanently damaged.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in the below form and we will contact you with the answers you need.