Jura Coffee Machine Prices

Jura coffee Machine Prices – Purchase and Rental Pricing

Jura coffee machines are renowned worldwide to be the Rolex of coffee machines. Headquartered in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerlnd, Jura continues to be on the forefront of Automatic Coffee Machine technology.

Jura coffee machines are featured in an array of Hollywood blockbusters – From modern family to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Jura continues to be the ultimate status symbol. Jura  even has a place in Tony Stark’s kitchen! If it’s good enough for Iron man it’s probably good enough for you!,

As great as Jura coffee machines are, they are not for everyone. If you aren’t a discerning coffee drinker and just love your coffee as long as it’s black we would suggest rather opting for a generic coffee machine brand. If you are however pedantic as to how your thick your crema is or the density of your micro-foam  on  your cappuccinos then Jura is well worth splashing out on.

Jura Coffee Machine Prices do change from time-to-time in South Africa due to fluctuating exchange rates and general inflation but this is the most up-to-date Jura Coffee Machine Pricelist in South Africa as of December 2014.

Jura Coffee Machine Purchase Prices : South Africa

Ena Micro 1 Aroma + – R8,400 Ex. VAT

Ena Micro 9 One Touch – R11,500 Ex. VAT

Ena 9 One Touch – R13,500 Ex. VAT

Jura Impressa F50 – R10,900 Ex. VAT

Jura Impressa F7 – R11,900 Ex. VAT

Jura Impressa F8 TFT – R12,900 Ex. VAT

Jura Z9 TFT – R27,000 Ex. VAT

Jura J9.3 TFT – R24,500 Ex. VAT

Jura XS9 – R22,000 Ex. VAT

Jura XF50 – R14,300 Ex. VAT

Jura XJ9 Proffesional – R33,800 Ex. VAT

Jura Giga -5 EU – R45,900 Ex. VAT

Jura Giga X8(X-8) – R69,900 Ex. VAT

Jura Giga X8 (X-8c) – R73,400 Ex. VAT

Jura Coffee Machine Rental Prices : South Africa

Jura F50 – R290* (discounted rental)

Jura F7 – R290* (discounted rental)

Jura XS9 – R490** (discounted rental)

* Our discounted rentals are ideal for customers that can use the minimum requirement. What if you use less? If you use about half the minimum requirement, although you will be paying for the minimum requirement of coffee, it will still work out cheaper to be on the discounted rental plan. Minimum usage on the F50/F7 plans is 25 cups per day. Minimum usage on the XS9 plan is 50 cups per day

For more help in selecting the right Jura coffee machine for you, have a look at our Jura Selection Guide