Jura Coffee Machine Reviews – Jura F8 vs Jura E6

Jura Coffee Machine Reviews– Jura F8 vs Jura E6

“And in the left corner, coming in at 10kg, we have the Jura F8; and going up against this beast is the Jura E6… Are you ready to ruuuuumble?”

Not often do we have two machines pitted up against each other which are both front-runners.
This should be an interesting challenge. Which side are you on? Team Jura F8 or Team Jura E6?

Jura F8 Review

You should know that the Jura F8 is one of the best middle-range Jura Coffee Machines available. It’s well priced in comparison to its step-sister, the Jura F9. The main difference is the “ease of use” – in that the Jura F8 is a two-touch cappuccino machine. In layman’s terms – this simply means once your steamed foam is dispensed into your cup, you’ll have to move it over to have the Espresso, which is dispensed from another tap. Considering the price difference between the Jura F8 and the Jura F9, this slightly more convenient feature may outweigh the financial surplus.

The Jura F8 has a sleek, modern design, and is able to make an array of impressive drinks, including latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, regular coffee, espresso, ristretto (a traditionally short shot of espresso coffee made with the normal amount of ground coffee, but extracted with about half the amount of water), special coffee (aroma adaptable and programmable for up to 12 drinks) and of course – milk foam.

Furthermore, the Jura F8 has a great TFT colour screen display, with the rotary dial we have come to know and love.

Housing a single grinder, and an impressive 15-bar pressure, 4 programmable coffee aroma strengths, Jura fine-foam technology and space for the Claris Blue filter cartridge, this workhorse is one of the greatest bets for a small to medium office or a larger home (read: home of a coffee lover!)

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Jura E6 Review

Smaller, sleeker and one of the first Jura coffee machines to utilise the P.E.P technology that might just have revolutionised the world. (P.E.P – is the Pulse Extraction Process.) Jura has really changed the coffee extraction game by introducing this technology; see, P.E.P means you get a fuller flavour, and this ensures your coffee grounds are extracted to their optimum level.

Another game changer, the I.W.S (Intelligent Water System) can detect the presence of the Claris Blue Filter in the machine, which allows for greater ease of maintenance and use.

The Aroma G grinder allows for the perfect grind level for each and every cup of coffee made by this beauty.

Drink capabilities include cappuccino, regular coffee, espresso and Milk foam. Unfortunately this machine falls short on the ranges available on the Jura F8, as well as the programmable drink selection.

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Both machines have a water tank capacity of 1.9 litres – which is the main reason behind our recommendation for it to be placed in a smaller office or in a home environment.

The Jura F8 and Jura E6 have countless similarities – the major differences lay in the minor details, such as the aesthetic, drink options availability and some slightly more advanced features on the Jura E6 – such as the previously outlined P.E.P and I.W.S. These features are slightly gimmicky, but form part of the evolution Jura has undertaken with each new range of coffee machines

The Jura E6 is the “replacement” of the soon-to-be phased out “F” range.

In summary, the machines are near identical in terms of functionality; if these smaller features are not a major consideration factor to you, perhaps opt for the (likely) cheaper-priced Jura F8.

If you enjoy moving forward with the times, and seek out the smaller technological implementations, then by all means, give the Jura E6 a shot.


There is no right or wrong!

We’d love to hear which Jura range is your favourite- and why?