Why Are Jura Coffee Machines Worth The Money?

Why Are Jura Coffee Machines Worth The Money?

Anybody who’s seriously considered buying or renting a Jura Coffee Machine has probably come to the realisation that this machine carries quite a hefty price tag.

Jura has been referred to as “The Rolex of Coffee Machines” – and we know that earning a title like that does not come easy. So, we’ve pose the question “Are Jura Coffee Machines Worth The Money?”

We explain what goes into a Jura coffee machine and why exactly you can expect to pay top dollar for the Swiss brand.

Automatic Coffee Machines

It’s important to “start at the beginning” when we try to understand high price tags on a product. There are three major types of automatic coffee machines: the Espresso Machine, the predecessor to automatic coffee machines, still requires a certain skill-set and some experience. You need to separately grind your coffee beans and manually tamp them into your porta-filter. The machine then extracts the coffee, and the rest of the work is up to you.

Then, there’s the Automatic Coffee Machine, which grinds your fresh coffee beans, tamps the grounds and then extracts your coffee, usually at the touch of a button.

What’s the easiest way to determine if your machine is an Espresso machine? There should be a button on-screen for each function the machine can perform, and there is a built-in grinder internally housed in the machine. Automatic or programmable cleaning is also usually a feature of these machines. Automatic machines do a major portion of the work for you, but you will still need to load the water filter, froth the milk, and sometimes coffee machines are categorised as Automatics, as opposed to Super-Automatics, simply because they are two-touch machines (your coffee spout and milk spout are separate).

Then you get super automatic coffee machines – these machines require literally no other human input than pressing a button and placing your cup under the spout. The machine grinds the beans, tamps, extracts and also adds the frothed or steamed milk to your drink.

Now that we understand this, we can go further into what justifies the associated price tag on Jura Coffee Machines.

Super Automatic Coffee Machines

Barring the entry-level Jura Coffee Machines, such as the ENA, most Jura Coffee Machines are super-automatics. Even at worst, they are “regular” automatics. Knowing what this means, we must consider what goes into making a coffee machine super-automatic.

1) Internal brew Group
Jura is famous for their internally housed, immovable brew groups. By the simple fact that you will never have to worry about removing and cleaning said brew group, you’ve just saved yourself hours of learning and work.

2) Adjustable Grinder
Knowing that changing your grind size drastically improves the quality and taste of your cup of coffee is one of the first steps to truly appreciating the sweet, sweet nectar that it is. Jura offers adjustable grinders on all of their automatic coffee machines. Just remember that on Jura’s, you need to adjust the grind size WHILE the machine is grinding the coffee, otherwise you may damage the dial.

3) Brand
Although this might not be a tangible price influencer, it makes full sense. Brands as synonymous as Jura, with the likes of Nike or BMW, did not gain popularity or build trust overnight. It’s years and years of work, continuous improvement, innovation and re-design that make a brand what it is. You would not expect to pay the same price for a Toyota as you would for a Lamborghini – and coffee machines are no exception.

4) Material Used
We have discussed this in many price-influencing blog posts, and it still rings true. Price differences influenced by material are evident even from your entry-level filter coffee machines. Using a higher quality material almost always ensures a longer lifespan of your coffee machine, but subsequently comes with a higher bill. Jura uses only the highest quality plastics, stainless steel and movable components.

5) Functionality
Whereas some automatic coffee machines are limited to offering you an array of impressive (yet very “normal” coffee drinks), Jura goes one step beyond, by introducing their professional frother. You can literally take your latte from average to café-quality with one small add-on.

6) Memory and Display
Most newer Jura’s have a memory function – allowing you to save settings to your perfect cuppa. That can eliminate a lot of fighting, which is sometimes all the persuading you need to rent one now 🙂

7) Quality
Not of the machine – but of the coffee it produces. There’s no question about it – coffee made on a Jura coffee machine is noticeably smoother, creamer and more fully extracted than the majority of leading competitors.
It’s quite easy to see that you are paying for what you get. Jura comes with the Swiss-brand-guaranteed peace of mind we all so desperately need; it it easy to use from the outset and throughout; it’s exceptionally easy to maintain – and it makes out-of-this world coffee and coffee products.

We want to know if you think your Jura Coffee Machines price tag was worthwhile – and what you’ve learnt to appreciate on your Jura.