Jura Dealers in Johannesburg: Where’s the Best Place to Buy your Jura

Jura Dealers In Johannesburg: finding the Best Place to Buy A Jura Coffee Machine

We have sold and rented our Jura coffee machines for over 6 six years now and since the beginning we have been more than happy with the build quality, features and longevity of the Swiss Coffee Machine Giant. We sell Jura machines country wide and we rent Jura coffee machines in the four major Metropolitan areas (Johannesburg, Pretoria , Cape Town and Durban) but besides for us there are close to 100 other dealers and resellers of Jura machines. We like to believe we offer some of the best packages around combined with our famous Aquaspresso service, however having said that there might be instances where we are just not the best fit for some customers. Customers in Klerksdorp for example are better off going through their local Klerksdorp distributer as they will be able to give a level of service and proximity which we unfortunately will not be able to match.

Besides for far out places, there might even be some coffee companies in Johannesburg which for whatever reason are a better fit for your business than we are, and for this reason we have put together our “Jura Dealers in Johannesburg” list so you can find the best coffee company for you, to purchase or rent a Jura machine from.

Jura Dealers in Johannesburg:

In Johannesburg alone there are approximately 20 Jura resellers, each with something unique and special which they bring to the party. There are more dealers added all the time, so check back for some newcomers to this compilation.

Tea and Coffee Emporium: Great little shop in Bedford Centre which sells a whole host of coffee and tea related products as well as the whole Jura range.

Green Bean Coffee: Roastery run from the famed Casalinga restaurant, specializing in African coffee beans of all sorts.

Bean There Coffee Company: One of the more famous coffee roasters in Jhb, who effectively started the fair-trade coffee cult in South Africa. Has a nice coffee shop where one can view a few Jura models.

No Doubt Importers (Trading as Illy): Importers and resellers of Illy coffee throughout Johannesburg. If Jura is your coffee machine brand of choice, and illy is the coffee for you then they might be your best bet.

The Coffee Co: Working off a franchise model, has franchises dotted around the country. Supplies a wide range of coffee machines with Jura being one of the brands.

Masons Discount Group: There aren’t many mass retailers who stock Jura, but Masons are one of them. If you want to go and have a look at some machines in the flesh and you are located in or near Benoni, then Masons is a good point to start.

Kitchen Passion: Kitchen Passion, located in one of the busiest walkways in Sandton City stock 3 or 4 high end Jura options. Pop in if you are in the centre for a quick demo and tasting

Italespressoworx: Some of the best guys to go to, if you have a traditional machine in need of repair. They also sell the full range of Jura machines.

Aquaspresso: Yup that’s us. We of course sell, rent and lease out the entire Jura range.

Pureau: Pureau, started as a water company (like us) but now has added coffee to their mix. Pureau stock a range of Jura machines for rental or purchase.

Goldline: The importers and distributors of famous catering restaurant equipment like Taylor, Nemco and Waring also stock Jura coffee machines.

Ciro: Ciro mostly trade in coffee machines which they have imported themselves but with Jura being such a sought after brand it is hard to turn them down.

The Tool Shop: Although not your standard coffee or coffee machine merchant, the Tool Shop figures that the same customer who buys tools would probably be interest in Jura machines as well.

H20 International: Like Aquazania (Aquaspresso) and Pureau, H20 started as purely a water company and branched off into coffee machines. Have stocked different machines over the years but is still a registered Jura importer.

Kitchen Quarter: You have decided to redo your kitchen with fancy countertops and new cupboards. How about a coffee machine to compliment your new finishes? If you happen to be redoing your kitchen with Kitchen Quarter, perhaps they will be your best bet when it comes to buying a Jura machine.

Espresso Concepts: EC have been roasting coffee for longer than many coffee companies have known how to spell it. One of the biggest roasters in South Africa also stocks a range of coffee making equipment including the like of Jura. If flavoured coffee is what you are after and you would like to buy your machine from the place you buy your coffee, then Espresso Concepts, might be a good bet for you.

One Touch Coffee: International Coffee Equipment are a trade only company which means they only sell to resellers like us or ones listed in this list. One Touch Coffee is situated 10 metre from the International Coffee Equipment showroom, so if you find yourself in Kya Sands, and want to be hands on with every Jura Coffee Machine which is brought into the country, and then decide to buy, One Touch Coffee could be your company of choice.

Avanti Coffees: Avanti , also based in Kya Sands, is a roaster and seller of coffee machines. Avanti, for a long time, have provided a very well-priced coffee and provide Jura machines particularly to businesses.

Stil Coffee: Located in Northlands Deco Park, Stil is another coffee roaster featured on this list. Stil sells mainly Jura machines to compliment their range of coffee beans.

How to Choose the Best Jura Dealer:

Selecting the best Jura Dealer for you is a lot about what feels right. Because Jura’s purchase prices are fixed in South Africa (only rental prices differ from dealer to dealer), everyone offers more or less the same deal when it comes to buying. So at the end of the day we advise choosing the company which you have the best relationship with and feel the strongest connection to as well as one that provides backup service and support.