Jura E6 Coffee Machine – it’s finally here! A Review

Jura E6 Coffee Machine – it’s finally here!

They say that anticipation is 90% of the fun; I disagree – strongly. I’m sure I have at least a few people who would agree with me on this one, too. What’s better than going on a first date, enjoying a meal you have been waiting all day for, or opening a present that you’ve been waiting months for?

What I’m saying is that the actual event is much more fun than the wait – and HELLO WORLD! The wait is over! This elegant, classy and damn-good-looking Jura E6 Coffee Machine has now entered our lives. Take a moment to enjoy the goosebumps this realisation has brought about.

Please, allow me to have the pleasure of introducing the gorgeous Jura E6.

Classic Coffee Machine: Jura E6 

Jura themselves have described this sleek, alluring design as a follow-up to their hugely successful Jura F50. However, this little slice of Heaven’s form is that of a much more refined, leaner and meaner coffee machine.

Functions and Features of the Jura E6

A quick breakdown of the new features of the Jura E6: jura e6 coffee machine

– Full TFT Colour Display Screen   

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is an adaptation of the popular LCD Display; this colour display is interactive, programmable and boosts the machine’s aesthetic appeal in the simplest means possible: simplicity.

-P.E.P Functionality 

P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process) allows for optimal extraction, in the least amount of time – further ensuring professional quality brews each and every time, for each and every cup. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want Barista-quality coffee at their fingertips?

– I.W.S Functionality 

I.W.S (Intelligent Water System) makes it’s maiden appearance in the beautiful E6. In summary, the I.W.S feature automatically detects the presence of a CLARIS brand Smart Water Filter and ensures optimal water quality, for each and every cup the Jura E6 has the pleasure of brewing.

Now that all the acronyms are out of the way (and guessing that they didn’t do a sufficient job of impressing you to the point of running out to get one of these beaut’s in your hands), I will now move on to some other minor changes you may expect to find in the latest addition to the Jura family.

Functions of the Jura E6 Explained

jura coffee machine e6 quality stamp

The new Jura E6 bears all the marks of quality you have come to expect of Jura; you may already be accustomed to the One-touch feature brought about on the Jura F9. In saying that the Jura E6 does not have that functionality, is in itself only a half-truth. The exceptional design of the Jura E6 has been carefully considered, and thus, the spouts have been laid out in such a manner that they are in close enough proximity to one another that they do not require any moving-around when creating (yes, with this machine you CREATE, you do not simply MAKE) your favourite speciality drinks, with the likes of Cappuccino’s or Latte Macchiato’s.

Ease of use has been carefully considered herein, too, with the external water cannister having a capacity of nearly 2 litres. This equates directly into the ease of placement, as your E6 will not require any special cabinets to house external water sources, nor will it require a plumbed-in solution.

While we don’t have exact specifications of the nitty-gritty stuff, like cup production capacity per hour and drink selection options, rest assured that we will divulge every last detail with you as soon as we have had a chance to get our hands on this gorgeous machine and test it out ourselves.

Jura E6 Pricing

Weighing up the newest features of the Jura E6, and considering the mark of quality borne with the brand Jura, I’m already sold. This coffee machine made in Heaven will retail close to the R13 000.00 mark excluding VAT and without a doubt, will fit comfortably and snugly into your small office or home.

While we patiently await stock release of this beauty, feel free to have a look through our other Jura coffee machines available. Coffee has evolved so much that it’s no longer just a beverage – it’s a passion and a lifestyle.
Take a sip.

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