Jura Errors 1 – 8

Jura Errors 1 – 8

I’d like to make my opening statement a bet; I bet you there’s not much more in this world so frustrating a finally having a Jura coffee machine in your home or office, you press a button for your anti-grumpy medication (AKA – coffee) and your machine comes to a grinding (pun intended) halt and displays that horrific word: “ERROR”. Your world comes crashing down and you don’t know what to do.

Well, here’s what your Jura Errors really mean:

Error 1 – Coffee Thermoblock Is Not Reaching The Required Temperature To Brew Coffee.

This could be one of two possible issues with your thermoblock. Firstly, and in the worst case scenario, your thermoblock may have malfunctioned – and the only way of rectifying this is taking your machine back to the supplier or to Jura itself. The alternative issue could be within the thermosensor. This is a much easier fix – but wills till require that you take your machine in to be fixed.

Error 2 – The Machine Is Too Cold After Sitting Idle For An Extended Period

This is a very easily fixed issue. The simplest two ways to heat up your machine are to either fill your water tank with hot water and allow it to run through the machine, by pressing any of the buttons used to normally brew a drink. It may take a while, and make some funny noises along thee way – but it will heat up your machine undoubtedly. The pother option is to get a hair dryer, remove the water tank and blow hot air on the side where the water tank was.


Error 3 – Steam Thermoblock Failed To Reach Required Temperature

You can firstly visually check to see if the cable to the Thermal Sensor is broken, or if the contact pins are corroded. If so, take it to Jura or your supplier so they can replace or repair the cable. This error could also indicate that the steam thermoblock is defective – because, over time, the thermoblock may become clogged with scale, preventing it from reaching the required temperature. You may try to run a de-scaling cycle on your machine, if if the error persists, kjust take it in to Jura or your supplier.

Error 4 – Steam Thermoblock Exceeded Maximum Temperature

Sheesh, from one extremer to another, right? This error indicates that the thermoblock may be corroded (also from scale build-up). You can, again, visually check to see if the cable to the thermal sensor is broken, or if the contact pins are corroded. If this is the case, you’ll need to take it in to Jura or your supplier. An attempt at running a de-scale cycle may assist, but as with Error 3 – if it does not assist – you know what top do and where to take it.

Error 5 – Required Temperature Not Reached

The biggest culprit for this Error is that the thermoblock is severely corroded or clogged with scaled and needs to be replaced. De-scaling will likely not assist in this instance. The power board could also be to blame, and if that is the case, it will need replacement. In a worst case scenario, the “Over-Temperature Protection” is blown and needs to be replaced. It is recommended to replace the thermal sensor, as well, as a precaution taken to avoid another malfunction. Take it to the supplier or to Jura.

Error 6 – Coffee/ Water/ Steam Valve Failed To Initialise

This valve distributes water to the hot water pipe, coffee dispenser and steam pipe. Over time, the valve becomes clogged with scale build-up, and therefore, it cannot switch between the aforementioned functions. If your Jura has a Reactive Cable in the rear of the machine, try clean the contact pins, dry them and apply contact spray, if necessary. If this doesn’t work,. Your machine will need to go to the Jura hospital.

Error 7 – Ceramic Valve, Encoder Or Brew Group Malfunction

This is a tough one. There is really no simple fix to this error – you’ll need to take the machine to your supplier or to Jura and have the ceramic valve or encoder replaced. If neither of these issues are to blame, it will be a brew group malfunction, for which case, refer to Error 8, below.

Error 8 – Brew Group Malfunction

Jura’s have non-removable brew groups, which is great in terms of ease of maintenance, but a bit of a hiccup in terms of it malfunctioning. There is, again, no way to remedy this error at home – so if you experience Error 8 – take your machine to the nearest supplier or to Jura.

Some of this info was extracted from juraparts.com