Jura F7 vs Jura F8 vs Jura F9: Cost, features and specifications

We compare the Jura F7 vs Jura F8 vs Jura F9

The F range of Jura coffee machines are designed for small to medium offices. As the number of features increases from machine to machine, the costs increase with it. We will discuss the pros and cons of the F7, F8 and F9 together with the prices of each so you can decide which one carries the most value and is best suited to you.

Jura Impressa F7:

Jura Impressa F7

The Jura F7 is the entry level Jura machine in the F range. The F7 is the only one without an LCD screen and is the cheapest coffee machine of the lot at R 11,900 Ex. VAT. You can see the full review here ( Jura F7 Review) along with a video demonstration of the F7 in action here Jura Impressa F7 Video.

The F7 replaced the Jura F50 classic which was the number one selling Jura machine of all time. The F7 improves on the F50 by bringing the milk frothing spout closer to the centre so that one can make a cappuccino or latte without moving ones cup. The F7 however is still not a one touch cappuccino machine as it only features a single thermoblock and the milk froth is controlled by the tap system.

Jura Impressa F8:


The Jura Impressa F8 is the first Jura machine in the F-range to ever feature a touch face technology (TFT) screen. The F8 is identical to the Jura F7 except for the jura-impressa-f8addition of the screen. All Jura coffee machines are now going the route of the TFT screen and the addition of which will set you back extra R1000 compared to the F7 resulting in the F8 costing R12,900 Ex. VAT. We feel the screen is a little gimmicky and perhaps not worth the extra R1000 but not everyone shares our opinion. You can view our full review here (Jura F8 Review) and the full video here (Jura F8 Video Demo)

Jura Impressa F9:

Jura Impressa F9

The Jura F9 is the top of the range small office one touch coffee machine in the Jura stable. The F9 also has slightly different styling compared to the other two F models with the milk based drinks as well as the espresso drinks being made all in the central position. You can see our whole review here (Jura F9 Review). The Jura F9 costs R15600 Ex. VAT which makes it considerably more expensive than the F7 and F8 and although a one touch feature is nice to have it is rather pricey addition.