Jura Filters vs Jura Descaling Tablets

Jura Filters vs Jura Descaling Tablets

Owning or renting a Jura Coffee Machine is a luxury in and of itself. If you are the proud owner of a Jura, you also know the price tag linked to it – and for that reason alone (although amongst others) is a great deciding factor in how much maintenance will go into your machine.

Hand in hand with maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your Jura is the need for the best quality coffee for your machine. Water quality is a huge influencing factor – something Jura has also considered.

We’re going to discuss whether using Jura Filters vs Jura Descaling Tablets – in a classic example of “prevention vs cure”.

Jura Filters

Jura coffee machines are compatible with either the Blue, White or “Smart” variants of the CLARIS range of water filters. Working with RFID, certain Jura models are able to notify you via your phone when a filter change is required, but on the older models, one would simply be prompted to to change the filter when they are notified by a message displayed on the machine itself.

The filters serve the vital purpose of removing unwanted contaminants from your water in order to produce the best possible coffee. Jura is so set on providing this great coffee that there is only really one way around replacing a filter on your Jura coffee machine – which is to cycle through the displayed options and when reaching “Filter”- you select “No”. This will indicate to your machine that you are not using a filter (even if you are, and it requires replacing) – and it will not prompt you any further to replace the filter.
This is not recommended, as you’re damaging the lifespan of your machine and really just cutting off your nose to spite your own face.

On average, each filter is able to sufficiently filter enough water to make approximately 350 cups between changes.

Jura Descaling Tablets

If you have not been making use of your Jura filter, or have overridden the feature to show that no filter is being used, you are likely going to need to perform a descaling of your Jura.

In addition to not using the filters, if you have made use of water that is high in minerals, calcium or fluoride – you will need to perform this descaling before any of the built-up residue makes it way into your cuppa.

Using the descaling tablets is quite easy in and of itself; simply pop the tablet into the override doser area (the small round opening located close to where the bean hopper is) and press the “Descale” button on your machine. It will take about 20 minutes to perform this function, but it is vital if you have not made use of the Jura filters.

If you are in a pickle, and need to make a cup or two of coffee before descaling, this is how you can get your Jura machine out of decsaling mode.

In Conclusion: Jura Filters vs Jura Descaling Tablets – which is better?

It will almost always be the case that prevention is better than cure. Using a Jura filter will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, but may work out a little more costly to run. However, using descaling tablets is an eventuality (yes, sadly even for those who use the filters) – but when using a filter you will only need to perform a descaling once every few months.

Remember that this feature was set in place to ensure the best possible cup of coffee each and every time, not to make life more difficult for you.