Jura Fresh Water Kit – Compact Convenience for a Busy Space

Jura Fresh Water Kit – Compact Convenience for a Busy Space

It seems that as each new year comes around, Jura has a new way of making your coffee fix more delicious, more convenient or even more refined than you’ve come to expect. Yes, 2019 is no exception! Jura has introduced the Fresh Water Kit, a simple, compact and economical solution that allows users to have a constant water supply without needing the conventional bulky plumbed-in system, which has been the only alternative to date.

Jura Water Tank Technology

We know that the quality of water with which you make your daily cuppa(s) can have a significant effect on the quality and taste of your coffee. If you’ve either leased or purchased a Jura coffee machine for your office or coffee shop, you’ll be familiar with the hassle of topping up the water tank. Until now, the only alternative was to have the unit assigned to a designated area, making it an immovable asset, and plumbing it into the main water connections. This process is sometimes space consuming as untidy, and very limiting in terms of movability.

We previously also saw the introduction of the CLARIS Smart Filter, which prevented the overriding of filter replacement – meaning you have literally no choice BUT to have the best water and thus, the best coffee.

If we now combine the benefits and properties of the CLARIS Smart Filter along with the Fresh Water Kit, Jura has effectively and stylishly made your coffee preparation easier, and a whole lot tastier.

Jura Fresh Water Kit Machine Compatibility

Newer technology is not always compatible with older technology, which is the case in this instance as well. The Fresh Water Kit is only compatible with the X8 (which you can read full review on by clicking here) and X6 at this stage.

The Fresh Water kit automatically fills the water tank with fresh mains water to ensure a constant supply of perfect coffee. Thanks to the high-quality design, the fresh water kit – which must first be installed by a specialist – can then be removed and reconnected by anyone.

Jura Fresh Water Kit Review

It’s Convenient and time-saving

If 30 or more speciality coffees are being prepared every day at a fixed location, it is advisable to use a permanent water connection. This saves time and allows the beverages to be prepared without interruption.

It’s Discreet and user-friendly

The fresh water kit is easy to fit and simple to operate. Because it can be fully integrated in the coffee machine, it requires no extra space.

The Jura Fresh Water Kit

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