Jura Impressa F7 Review

Jura Impressa F7 Review

The Jura Impressa F7 is an amazing power machine when it comes to making espresso coffee.


The Jura Impressa F7 coffee machine only makes ristretto, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte – and that’s it. So, if you want a 25 different drinks machine, this probably isn’t the coffee machine for you. this machine is very easy to use. You can most likely get your first espresso made within about 10 minutes after opening the box. Water goes in the left container, beans in the top. Turn it on and push the button of the desired drink you want. Simple enough.

The LED display is easy to read and will tell you more about your machine than you will ever want to know. You can program the amount of grams of coffee, how many seconds to pull the coffee through, how many seconds of steam you desire, how hot you like your coffee.

Making Coffee

The air tight bean hopper holds enough coffee for about 16 servings (determined by the strength setting). The machine heats up very quickly and in less than 45 seconds after switching it on, you can can enjoy a delicious espresso.

The coffee beans are ground moments before brewing making for a super fresh and extremely flavourful coffee.

Another feature is a separate place to put coffee that Jura calls the “by-pass” compartment. So, if you want to make decaf or a different flavour coffee, you can put pre-ground beans into this compartment and it will by-pass the normal compartment and make you a cup of something different.

Milk Froth

The machine does not come with a milk container, you can drop the hose that comes with the machine into a cup of milk so you don’t need to go out and buy their milk containers immediately. The frother is not adjustable, but it does produce nice small bubbles of milk. Some people may not think the milk gets hot enough.

Filling and Cleaning

The water tank is easily accessible and removable from the side, or you can simply pour water directly into the water tank too. There is a clever water filtration system on the machine utilising the Clear Filter that comes with the machine. The machine will also count the number of cups made, and let you know when it’s cleaning time. You can even add in your water hardness level and let you know when descaling is necessary.

Jura added a “Rinse” cycle before and after each time the machine is turned on. Slightly inconvenient, if we had to complain about something it would probably be the rinse cycles. It simply pushes hot water through the nozzles and cleans the system out. This adds about 10 seconds to the overall coffee making process. When turning the machine on, the Rinse requires the push of a button while it is automatic when turning it off. Why not make it automatic for both? Not annoying but something to consider.

The drip tray if fairly large, it will hold several cups of water so you don’t need to constantly empty it. The coffee is discarded and this try will easily hold about 8 or 9 cups so you do not need to empty it all of the time. This is a handy feature.


This machine is made in Switzerland and that immediately speaks of quality.