Jura Impressa F8 Review: The best of the Jura F range?

Jura Impressa F8 Review

One of the many new coffee machines Jura has designed is the new Impressa F8 which is going to impress (pardon the pun) your friends at home (even your colleagues at the office).

The Jura Impressa F8 mashes up several of the great features from their newer and older coffee machines. That being said, the nicest feature of this machine is the software and its programmability.


If you are a coffee aficionado like us, your favourite setting on the Jura Impressa F8 will most likely be the “Expert Mode,” giving you full control over all the settings – shot volume, shot strength, shot temperature and amount of milk used – for every possible programmable drink.

In addition, the Impressa F8 gives you the further option of changing the volume of your shot once the machine starts to brew, allowing you to further customize on-the-fly and fiddle even more with your drink options. Finally, the machine also has a cup maker counter to keep track of how many shots you’ve pulled and drinks you’ve made. You can then use that to calculate when your machine is due for a cleaning procedure.


Whilst Jura doesn’t provide you with access to the brew unit, which is normally the case on all their other super automatics, they do provide you with some pretty efficient automated cleaning tools. These tools can be found and accessed in the maintenance section of the machine’s programming. For example, you can program the Jura Impressa F8 to rinse the coffee machine so it doesn’t get clogged up with coffee residue and also the milk system to ensure you clean out any old old milk.

Heavy Users

The Jura Impressa F8 is ideal for situations where there will be a lot of users that enjoy making a variety of coffee drinks in their households, such as roommates or large families. Although Jura have been starting to use more plastic that we’d like into the machine (holding thumbs for more stainless steel), we do like that it has features like a bypass doser and digital screen as well as a myriad of other functions.


The Jura Impressa F8 is certainly a beautiful machine and is very featureful for the price but we feel the Jura Impressa F7 is still a better pick even though it doesn’t have the LCD screen. The Jura impressa F7 is R1000 less than the F8 and it’s only difference is that it doesn’t have the LCD screen.

If a LCD screen is important to you then Jura F8 might be the right machine for you however if you could do without the screen, we would suggest the Jura Impressa F7 instead

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