Jura Impressa XS9 Review

Jura Impressa XS9 Review- All the good and the bad

The Jura Impressa XS9 is a great machine but it isn’t for everyone. We hope our review helps you decide whether it is the machine for you.

The Jura Impressa XS9 coffee machine makes all the coffee specialities including :, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte – But no Hot Chocolate and chocachino unfortunately. So, if hot chocolate and hot chocolate based beverages are a must for you then the XS9 is probably not the best fit for you. However if you are a coffee nut, there’s not much this machine can’t do.
The XS9 is a legend when it comes to Jura coffee machines and is one of the most popular commercial Jura machine in all markets where Jura is present. The one-touch functionality of the XS9 makes it a good fit for frist time users (in a boardroom type environment) or in an office setting where people are not too tech savvy and just want to “press-and-drink”
The machine allows you to change the grind fineness (8 settings) as well as change the brew strength (5 settings) between cups or as a standard setting. The XS9 also, like all Jura machines, has allows the user to make 2 cups of coffees at one time but not two cappuccinos at one time.
The size of the machine makes it ideal for large environments and boasts a 6 litre water tank or can be plumbed into the mains.
The XS9 only however has one bean hopper and therefore one can only use one bean an one time so if you want to vary your coffees from cup-to-cup then unfortunately the XS9 might not be the machine for you. For a double bean hopper machine, either the X9 or GIGA range would be a better fit (albeit at a considerably steeper price)

Making Coffee
The air tight bean hopper holds enough coffee for about 45 servings (determined by the strength setting). The machine operates by means of a double thermo-block meaning that once heated up the machine is always ready to brew.
The Jura XS9 does allow for a decaf option to be used and the normal whole-bean overridden for those caffeine intolerant folk

Making Milk Based Specialities
One of the best features of the XS9 is it’s one touch capability for cappuccinos and lattes making it one of the simplest machines to operate .in the Jura range. The machine is also equipped with a “just froth” button enabling it to make hot frother milk for hot chocolate even though it doesn’t have a hot-chocolate storage facility inside.
The milk can be kept either in a milk container which comes with the machine or in a cool-control system which is a refrigerated milk system which sits next to the machine.
Filling and Cleaning

The Jura XS9 has a self-cleaning function for both the coffee section of the machine as well as the milk side of the machine. This is one feature which the smaller models do not have. Even though the milk cleaning function does clean 90% of all milk residue which builds up inside the milk frothing system one still needs to spend 30 seconds at the end of each day doing a manual rinse of the cappuccino milk frother

The XS9 is the most popular industrial coffee machine in Juras range mainly because of its large size and good value for what it does. If you have an office or establishment making less than 150 cups per day and more than 25 cups per day then the Jura XS9 could be the machine for you
If your usage is smaller than 25 per day rather look at a smaller unit and if your usage is over 150 then have a look at the Giga range, however if you are anywhere in between we would say the Jura Impressa XS9 is the perfect machine for the job