Jura Milk Frother – The Most Common Jura Coffee Machine Problems with Frothers

Jura Milk Frother – The Most Common Jura Coffee Machine Problems with Frothers

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As good as Jura coffee machines are, they aren’t without their problems. The most common of these problems relates to frothing milk. Whenever you are dealing with fresh milk automatic coffee machines, one has to ensure a number of things are taken care of to ensure the continual working of the milk frother and Jura coffee machines are no different

The number one reason Jura machines stop frothing is due to lack of cleaning. There are 2 types of Jura milk frothers and both are cleaned in the same way. There are three steps involved in the cleaning process: Disassembling, Rinsing and putting back together.

Disassembling (there are three pieces that need to be removed)

  • Remove the air suction valve at the top (the thing that looks like a little detonator)
  • Remove the silver sleeve at the bottom
  • Remove the milk pipe (not pictured)

frother cleaning

assembling jura frother



Rinse all pieces under clean water. Do not use soap or detergents here as this will mess with the milk taste later on.

Assemble (reverse the disassembling process)

This cleaning process takes care of about 90% of the non-frothing problems. Please see our video for a more detailed explanation into this.
There are another 3 potential causes (other than cleaning problems) why your Jura machine might not be frothing.

No Steam Pressure

Sometimes over time or due to blockages in your Jura machine the machine doesn’t produce enough pressure to suck up the milk and steam it. To find out if it is an internal or external blockage, remove the fine foam or professional frother and insert a paper-clip into the frother hole on the machine. Sometime there is milk sediment which is clogging up the outside of the frother and this can be removed and resolved by doing this. If you use a paper clip and the machine still shows little pressure it will most likely have to be brought in for a service.

Wear and Tear of the Air Suction Valve

Wear and tear of the suction valve can also cause an immediate inability to froth or steam your milk. You can remove the air suction valve to inspect it for signs of wear and tear to see if this is the cause.

Incorrect Assembly of the Jura Milk Frother

The last reason why your machine won’t froth correctly is due to incorrect milk frother assembly. Ensure that your assembly matches the picture above and each part is put back in the right place

For any help on your Jura coffee machines please feel free to contact us at any stage.