Jura Pricing Guide 2016

Jura Pricing Guide 2016

Jura is synonymous with Swiss-engineered quality. Think Swatch, Lindt. All the really good (and often really expensive) Swiss-made lifestyle luxuries come with the indelible mark of quality. A silent guarantee that you are in for a great time – and that great time will extend far into the future. However, as with anything that can be bought, price increases are as necessary as that first cup of coffee in the morning: You can’t go anywhere without it.


Now, we cannot express enough hat Jura quality (and the associated price tag) is not a good fit for everyone. Call us crazy, but we would rather have an informed customer who actually gets what they are looking for – than a rental or purchase from us by the wrong person. A bad fit is easy to spot: If your capsule coffee machine, filter coffee machine or even instant coffee satisfies your coffee craving – then this is not a good idea.


My recommendation: Go through each level.

Kettle – French Press – Capsule Machine – Bean-to-Cup Machine. If you work your way up, you will see how drastically the pricing and capabilities of each machine changes. As your needs increase, so will the price you pay.


If you are a perfectionist in your coffee – you can tell your cream from your froth (and even identify various froth densities) – and you appreciate a superb coffee in your own home or office – this guide is for you!


We go through the Jura pricing restructure for 2016, below.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT


Office Coffee Solutions – Jura and GIGA Professional Range:



Machine Name

2016 Price (excluding VAT)

GIGA X-3 R 54 500.00
GIGA X-3c (not usually available from stock – may require pre-order) R 57 500.00
GIGA X-8 R 69 900.00
GIGA X-8c R 73 400.00
Jura Impressa XJ 9 Professional GII R 33 800.00
Jura Impressa XS-9 Classic Sysko R 24 000.00
Jura Impressa XF-50 Classic R 15 000.00





Home Coffee Solutions – Jura and GIGA Domestic Range:


Machine Name

2016 Price (excluding VAT)

GIGA-5 R 48 200.00
Jura Impressa Z-9 TFT (while stocks last) R 28 500.00
Jura Z-6 (expected February 2016) R 28 500.00
Jura J-90 (while stocks last) R 23 400.00
Jura F-9 R 16 300.00
Jura E-8 (expected February 2016) R 15 300.00
Jura E-6 (expected December 2015) R 12 900.00
Jura Impressa F-8 (while stocks last) R 12 900.00
ENA Micro OT A+ R12 900.00
ENA Micro 1 A+ R8 800.00


You will see above some items are marked “while stocks last” and other are marked “expected in 2016”. The reason for limited stock in the items marked above is that Jura is discontinuing some of their ranges, but still have stock of them – which still fall into the category of items with price increases.


Coffee Solution Rentals from Aquaspresso

If you have already weighed up your options in terms of Rent VS Buy, and have decided on the former, see our handy pricing guide for our stocked Jura machines for 2016. Also note that there will be a slight price increase of approximately R 100.00 per machine for monthly rental’s. The below guide includes the price increase. Also note that there are two rental amounts; one is straight-out machine rental, the other is product-subsidised rental.


Machine Name

2016 Aquaspresso

Straight Rental Price (excluding VAT, per month)

2016 Aquaspresso Rental Price – Product Subsidised (excluding VAT, per month)

Jura F50 R 1150.00 R 690.00
Jura F7 R 1150.00 R 690.00
Jura F8 R 1150.00 R 690.00
Jura XS9 R 1 600.00 R 990.00



We have taken the liberty of reviewing the two machines expected next year, the Jura Z6 and the Jura E8 – and one due in December of 2015 – the Jura E6.


Not sure where to get yourself a Jura machine? This might help.


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There you have it – possible one of the better tools to equip you with as much knowledge as possible going into 2016 – for your best coffee yet 🙂

What is your favourite Jura machine and why?