Jura Range Reviews: ENA vs A Range Jura’s – For The Home User

Jura Range Reviews: ENA vs A Range Jura’s – For The Home User

Understanding coffee machine names and ranges can be difficult enough as it is, especially for a first time buyer or renter. Buying or renting the wrong coffee machine can spell disaster and cause mountains of unnecessary stress for the end user.

A machine might look perfect (and let’s face it – they all do – especially Jura’s) – but knowing the difference between a GIGA and an ENA range can be the deciding factor between years of contentment and pleasure and years of stress and a machine that doesn’t meet your needs.

Jura ENA Range

The Jura ENA range includes the following machines:

  • ENA Micro 1
  • ENA 5
  • ENA Micro 9
  • ENA Micro 90
  • Jura ENA 3
  • Jura ENA 7

The machines, while all very similar, have differentiating factors. They are all made for the home user – based solely off their size and output capacity. Their water tanks are usually in the 1 – 2 litre ranges, with bean hoppers sized between 110g – 230g.

This is well suited to a home user because those two factors allow for between one and four users to get the best out of their machine, without having to constantly refill empty hoppers and perform heaps of maintenance throughout the day.

They are also relatively easy to use, with minimal displays and slightly less “fancy” operations. This is one of the biggest factors in being able to sell these machines at an entry level price, while still offering the Jura stamp of quality.

So, what’s the downfall?

Apart from my previous mentioning of “less fancy” operations – you’re likely to forfeit the aesthetic you might have come to expect from Jura. The interface is basic – that it uses basic graphics to denote drink options and cup sizes. There are no LED touch-screens, and the machine seems small in stature. However, if you’re someone who does not care for the looks of the machine, but focus more on the coffee it produces – then this machine range was made for you.

Milk-based drinks are not a priority for the ENA range; with the exception of a few, the Jura ENA range usually consists of a single or double spout out of which you can make superb coffee’s and Espresso’s.

All Jura machines have state-of-the-art grinders, which ensures the quickest possible grinding and extraction for each and every cup. So while you may consider it a downfall that the ENA range doesn’t have the bells and whistles of higher models, you can rest assured you’re still going to get a damn good cuppa from it.

If you’re a lover of milk-based drinks, the following machines from the ENA range are all fitted with the Fine-Foam Frother wand:

Jura ENA 7 – R 15 000.00

Jura ENA 3 – If you manage to find one locally, the price range is expected to be similar to that of the ENA 7.

ENA Micro 90 – R 15 000.00

ENA 5 – R 10 000.00

While the rest of the Jura ENA range is limited to making “black” coffee, this is something a coffee purist might want to look at.

In summary, the ENA range does have options for lovers of latte’s and cappuccino’s, but if you’re very specific about milk quality – remember that these machines are fitted with the “entry-level” Fine Foam Frothers – whereas the higher-end Jura ranges come with {Professional Fine Foam Frothers. However, if you can’t be bothered with the difference in texture of micro-foam vs regular foam, don’t let this bother you.

Jura A Range

The Jura A range is the newest addition to South African Jura offerings. This is, for the time being, limited to the Jura A1.

This machine is undoubtedly geared for the coffee purist – it does not have any milk-frothing capabilities but it is fitted with the newest and most advanced grinder systems – i.e. – The Aroma G3 Grinder. This grinder is optimised to grind your coffee in the shortest amount of time, to your selected grind size (allowing for a heavier or lighter coffee extraction for each cup) and to dispense that beautiful brew into your cup in the shortest amount of time.

Another nifty feature the A1 boasts is the I.P.B.W.S. This is not the “top technology” of P.E.P, but yo can be assured that your pre-infused coffee grounds have maximum flavour extracted for each cup. Has the lingo got you confused? Check out this post on Jura’s Key Technologies to understand more.

If you’re keen to buy a Jura A1, you can expect to pay in the region of R 10 000.00. If this machine has stolen your heart, but you’re torn up that it cannot froth milk – don’t stress! You can still buy a free-standing Jura Milk Frother for as little as R 1 000.00.

We’ve compared the ENA and A range of coffee machine side by side, as these two ranges are most closely comparable to one another in terms of their size, output, aesthetic and suitability to home users who love great coffee.

If you love exceptional quality coffee in the comfort of your cozy home, are not concerned about dazzling aesthetics and want value for money – consider these two ranges.