Jura VS Saeco: Italian Coffee Engineering VS Swiss Engineering – Amazing Automatics

Jura VS Saeco: Italian Coffee Engineering VS Swiss Engineering – Amazing Automatics

Automatic Coffee Machines are available in all shapes, sizes, colours, prices and even output capabilities.

We’ve come to know Jura as the Swiss-Engineered Super-Automatic Coffee Machine “go-to” name, with endorsements from none other than tennis superhero – Roger Federer – unabashedly putting his name and likeness to the established brand.

Going back to the inception of Automatic Coffee machines, we saw the likes of Lavazza bringing the world of coffee culture into the homes of those who it was previously out-of-reach for; so what changed – that we now associate automatic coffee machine luxury with a Swiss brand, as opposed to the “Father of Coffee Culture” – Italy?

Well, nothing, actually. A brand establishes itself, and it’s reputation, over years and years of innovation, improvement and pure ingenuity.

Saeco, the Italian coffee machine brand who was taken over by Philips, has done just that. Removing the fancy names, the bells-and-whistles and all that come along with a price tag – we strip down these two brands to their absolute core to discuss the major differences, similarities, benefits as well as disadvantages to (possibly) two of the biggest names in Automatic Coffee Machines.


Saeco Minuto Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Saeco Coffee Machines are commercially available in tow major categories; Manual Espresso Machines, like the Poemia for home use, as well as Automatic Coffee Machines – with the likes of the Saeco Minuto front-and-centre for small office or home users.

We’ll be honing in on the Automatic Coffee machines for both the Jura and Saeco comparatives– because we want to compare apples with apples.

The Saeco brand seems to have streamlined it’s offerings into a compact, modern style – as Is evident throughout their range. They have opted to keep it simple, with as few price-increasing factors added as possible.

Again, to help streamline our thinking – and to make the playing ground as level as possible – we’re focussing solely on the Saeco Minuto Automatic Coffee Machine and the Jura F7 – as they come closest in terms of looks, size and output.

This is visible in the absence of LED or TFT screens, basic user interfaces such as hard buttons (as opposed to touch-screen displays); they have done away with fancy back-lights and most importantly – minimised the overall size of the machine.

The plastic finishings help to drastically decrease the price, and the use of a metal blade grinder helps alleviate costs.

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Jura F7 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

The Jura F7 is the “entry level” Jura machine in the F-range. The F7 is the only Jura commercially available (and relatively up-to-date) without an LCD screen. You might be surprised to note that it offers an impressive 25-drink selection, and is classified a one-touch machine since it had the milk and coffee spouts moved closer together.

How did Jura cut down on necessary costs on the F7? Using a single thermoblock as well as plastic finishings, as well as the absence of an LED / TFT touch-screen display, you can see how costs are already dramatically reduced.

What I would want to point out – on both the Jura F7 as well as the Saeco Minuto – is that both machines might be slightly confusing for first-timer users when making a milk-based coffee drink. The Jura F7 has a dial to the right of the milk spout, which needs to be opened to allow for the milk froth to be dispensed.

The Saeco, however,, is a bit confusing in terms of on-screen prompts, like emptying the grounds container.

It might be safe to say that the Saeco is perhaps a better fit for first-time users, whereas the Jura F7 might be the choice for offices or spaces where users have time to familiarise themselves with the machine.


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Jura VS Saeco – The F7 VS The Minuto – The Major Factors

  • Price:

Jura F7: R 11 900.00 (excluding VAT)

Saeco Minuto – R 9 500.00 (excluding VAT)

  • Output:

Jura F7:  Drink selections include Cappuccino, Coffee, Espresso and Ristretto. The F7 also features an “Override Doser” – allowing for you to add pre-ground coffee which will be dispensed immediately. This is great for decaf-lovers or those who enjoy flavoured coffee.

Saeco Minuto: Drink selections include Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino and also contains a “Special” feature, in which you can program your favourite drink. The “Aroma” function also allows you to prepare your specific preferred strength of coffee.



This is perhaps one of the hardest comparisons to make – as the outputs, advantages and disadvantages of each of these machines balances out on the other.

If you are in search of a name-brand, like Jura, and you are not too phased about the aesthetic of the machine – this may be your better choice.

However, if you are after a compact solution with a slightly lower price tag – and you are also not too concerned about the overall aesthetic appeal of your machine – then the Saeco might be your best choice.


Either way, we are here to help.


Let us know your thoughts on the Saeco Minuto and the Jura F7 – and which of the two is a better option for YOU!