Jura vs Saeco

Which coffee machine brand to go for : Jura vs Saeco

Choosing a coffee machine can be a hard choice – especially when the stakes are so high (coffee machines are not cheap toys). Two of the biggest coffee machine brands in South Africa and worldwide are Jura and Saeco respectively.

Firstly an introduction to Jura:

Jura coffee machines have their origin in Switzerland – the land of great watches, world famous army knives and state of the art banking – basically the country of preciseness. Jura coffee machines ar eno different. Everything about them is sleek,well-finished and beautiful and just works. It is not a rare thing to see Jura coffee machines well into their 40,000th cup and still working as well as they did on their very first cup. If you are looking for a coffee machine which will walk flawlessly day in and day out, then you can’t go wrong with a Jura

Now onto Seaco:

Saeco, now a brand of Philips, is headquatered just outside Bologna in Italy. Saeco shares its factory with Philips as well as Gaggia coffee machines. Saeco ¬†launched their first automatic coffee machine in 1985 and shortly after purchased the brand Gaggia (who were on of the creaters of the first automatic espresso machine) Saeco also happened to be the first automatic machine brand to find it’s way to South Africa. Saeco too make excellent working machines specialise in particular in the domestic market.

Ratings and Reviews:

In order to try get as many reviews and ratings as possible we opted to select reviews from Amazon to give the most impartial advise opinions. We have listed some machines below with their ratings together with the number of reviews they received

Jura Coffee Machine Reviews:

Jura Ena 1 Micro : 21 reviews – Rating (4.8/5) – “every cups is fresh and delicious” ; “so easy to clean”

Jura Impressa XS90 : 2 reviews – Rating (5/5) -“This machine is a hit with everybody. The coffee is always perfectly fresh and it is relatively easy to use. Cleaning it is easier than a coffee pot!”

Jura C9 One touch : 20 reviews – Rating (4.2/5) – “Everyone raves about the espressos,cappuccinos and lattes”

Saeco Coffee Machine Reviews:

Saeco Odea Giro : 8 reviews – Rating (3.5/5) – “it is a fine espresso machine which makes a nice crema on top”

Saeco Vienna Plus – 162 reviews – Rating (3.7/5) – “easy to use machine that works well”

Seaco Incanto Deluxe – 27 reviews – Rating (3.5/5) – “I’ve had the machine for 3 years and worked flawlessly”

For more info on any of these machine please pop us a mail or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help!