Jura X6 Review – The Coffee Purists Dream Come True

Jura X6 Review – The Coffee Purists Dream Come True

If you’re familiar with the Jura brand, you’ll know that over the years, Jura has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and coffee preparation innovation. This has included the introduction of the AromaG3 grinder and P.E.P technologies, but mostly we have seen larger Jura coffee machines shifting their focus to the preparation of speciality milk drinks. This is evident in the new Professional Fine Foam Frother, as well as dual preparation of milk-based specialities in newer models.

While remaining committed to keeping up with the demands of new-age speciality coffee drinkers, Jura reminds us it has not abandoned the coffee purists, those loyalists who have stuck with Jura (maybe because it’s still the best coffee you can get?) – and it’s our time to shine!

The X6 is a robust professional solution for black coffee and water for tea.

Jura X6 – Welcome to the Dark Side (of Coffee)

If you need a coffee machine that prepares black coffee, professionally made pots of coffee and hot water for two different temperatures of tea, the X6 is the ideal solution.

Its easy-to-understand operating concept is especially useful when it is used as a self-service solution for staff or guests. On the X6, all speciality coffees can be moved to a different position on the display. With its large water tank and a sturdy fresh water kit which can be added on after installation, the X6 is equally suitable for mobile use or use in a fixed location.

Jura X6 Overview

State-of-the-art technologies for perfect enjoyment

The innovative AromaG3 grinder always grinds the beans freshly for every beverage, to just the right fineness. It is designed for speed and precision while preserving the full aroma of the beans. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) ensures the optimum extraction time for short specialities and delivers a taste explosion for the ristretto and espresso.

All control elements on the X6 are on the front, clearly visible and easily accessible. The water tank and bean container can also be refilled from the front. To protect them from manipulation, the water tank and bean container come with a locking mechanism as standard. The drip tray and coffee grounds container are ergonomically designed and can be removed with one hand, allowing them to be emptied quickly and cleanly.

The control elements show the clarity of the operating concept. The vertical format TFT display combined with the large, easily recognisable preparation buttons make operation very straightforward, even for first-time users. The preparation and maintenance buttons can be disabled to prevent unwanted reprogramming or accidental operation while the machine is being cleaned.

TÜV-certified hygiene guarantee

The maintenance of the X6 is just as intuitive as its operation. Integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes, used together with original JURA maintenance products, ensure TÜV-certified hygiene and cleanliness.

As individual as your requirements

The X6 can be combined with a number of accessories – specially designed for JURA professional coffee machines – to create a complete, made-to-measure coffee solution: for example the fresh water kit, cup warmer or accounting system.

Jura X6 Specifications

  • Number of products – 12
  • Products: Ristretto, Espresso, Coffee, Espresso Doppio, Pot of coffee, Hot water, hot water for green tea, Special Coffee, Pot of espresso-quality coffee (360 ml / 12 oz.)
  • Pot of coffee (360 ml / 12 oz.) takes 2 min. 20 sec.to prepare.
  • 2 coffees – prepared simultaneously, takes 1 min. 3 sec. to prepare.
  • 2 espressi – prepared simultaneously, takes 48 sec. to prepare.
  • 2 ristretti – prepared simultaneously, takes 33 sec. to prepare.
  • Hot water (200 ml / 7 oz.) takes 50 sec. to prepare.


  • Compatible with J.O.E®
  • Compatible with Jura Fresh Water Kit
  • Smart Connect compatible.
  • AromaG3 grinder.
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
  • Programmable amount of water – per preparation.
  • Programmable coffee strength – 10 levels, adjustable for each preparation.
  • Programmable switch-off time
  • Remaining time display

Jura X6 Design and materials

  • TFT color display
  • Height-adjustable dual spout (Milk/Coffee) 65 – 153 mm
  • Hot-water spout
  • White and Amber Cup Illumination

Areas of use and recommended maximum daily output

  • Recommended maximum daily output – 80 preparations
  • Areas of use – Catering, Large offices, Canteens, Self-service areas, Service providers and Resellers

Jura X6 Sizing and Specifications

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