Jura XS9 vs Jura WE8 – The Big Office Coffee Machine Battle

Jura XS9 vs Jura WE8 – The Big Office Coffee Machine Battle

So; you’re a relatively large office, and it’s safe to say that you have a range of coffee purists, coffee snobs, plain old coffee lovers and also a handful of yuppie’s who love their lattes or flat whites.

You get the mandate – it’s the one you’ve waited for forever: “GO FIND A COFFEE MACHINE”. At first, you’re filled with elation. Then the panic starts – how are you going satisfy literally everyone in your office – with all those varied tastes? It’s impossible, isn’t it?

Not at all. Take a look at our two top picks of office coffee machine giants – and I guarantee – one of these will satisfy all those needs.

Jura XS9 Review

The Jura XS9 has been the staple of large office coffee machines in the upper echelon for years now. The Swiss brand caries a certain quality promise that not many other brands can offer, and with the easy-to use display and quick extraction from bean to cup, it’s not hard to see why this is a favourite.

However, the XS9 is becoming slightly outdated in it’s nature. It has a basic digital screen display, and seems a little unrefined in the overall design of the machine.

It makes 10 speciality drinks available – including latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee, espresso, milk and milk foam. There is the option to include the Jura professional Fine Foam Frother attachment, which allows you to make perfect lattes (this device allows you to choose between steamed milk and fine foam froth)

It holds a beast of a water tank (5.7 litres) and a bean hopper capacity of 260g.

The Aroma + Grinder is also of the “older” generation of Jura technologies, not in any way a bad or sub-par grinder – it is just not the newest.

Pricing? R23 900.00 excluding VAT.

For a comprehensive review of the Jura XS9 – head on over here.

Jura WE8 Review

From the outset, this machines aesthetics are striking. It has a colour screen display, a chrome finish and a generally more updated look.

It falls somewhat short of it’s predecessor, the XS9, in terms of it’s capacity. It only holds a 3l water tank, but boasts a 500g bean hopper. While this is proportional, it may be a bit of a nuisance refilling the water take for a large office.

Where the WE8 trumps the XS9 is in drink options; without the help of a professional fine foam, frother, the WE8 can make flat whites, lattes as well as cappuccino’s. Lost? Watch a quick video about the differences between Flat White vs Cappuccino vs Latte here. It also makes Ristretti – a satisfying point for coffee purists.

Another developmental point of the WE8 is the Aroma G3 grinder- the newest improvement in terms of grinder quality from Jura. It allows you to grind your beans in half the time, preserving vital flavour.

Pricing? R 18 300.00 excluding VAT.

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The Verdict: Jura XS9 vs Jura WE8

Point to consider:

Ease of use and aesthetics

Looking for a strikingly beautiful and modern machine, that can be used easily by first time operators? WE8 wins.

Need a workhorse that is more cost effective and can do 99% of what the WE8 can do? XS9 wins.

Functionality and output

Both machines can be plumbed in, if water refilling is a major area of concern to you. Consider the inversely proportional bean hopper vs water tank sizes in these two machines.


Usually the first point of consideration, the price differences in the XS9 and WE8 really do need consideration.


If things like PEP and Fine Foam Froth technology mean something to you, choose carefully between existing and improved-upon technology.

For a video review of these two machines – have a look at our review right here!