Jura XS9 vs Jura X8 Platinum vs Jura XJ9 – Office Coffee Machine Giants

Jura XS9 vs Jura X8 Platinum vs Jura XJ9 – Office Coffee Machine Giants

For as long as coffee has been an office staple, the Jura XS has been around to not only provide our daily fix at the office, but also make a quality cup of coffee a reality for medium to large offices. It has made Espresso, Americano and Cappuccino a daily routine for coffee lovers, and helped curbed office and personal spend on daily coffee rations and / or take-away’s.

As we know, all good things do come to an end, and the XS9 is no exception; yes, we love that frumpy old face of the XS 9, but it’s undoubtedly time for Jura to come to the party with newer, more tech-savvy machinery for large offices.

The X8 Platinum is the new kid on the block, the XJ9 is the middle kid – and things are about to get very real when we compare these three beasts (in their own right) to each other, side by side.

Jura XS9 Overview

Jura XS9
Jura XS9

The Jura XS9 has been the staple of large office coffee machines in the upper echelon for years now. The Swiss brand caries a certain quality promise that not many other brands can offer, and with the easy-to use display and quick extraction from bean to cup, it’s not hard to see why this is a favourite.

However, the XS9 is becoming slightly out dated in its nature. It has a basic digital screen display, and seems a little unrefined in the overall design of the machine.

It makes 10 speciality drinks available – including latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee, espresso, milk and milk foam. There is the option to include the Jura professional Fine Foam Frother attachment, which allows you to make perfect lattes (this device allows you to choose between steamed milk and fine foam froth)

It holds a beast of a water tank (5.7 litres) and a bean hopper capacity of 260g.

The Aroma + Grinder is also of the “older” generation of Jura technologies, not in any way a bad or sub-par grinder – it is just not the newest.

Pricing? R23 900.00 excluding VAT.

Jura XJ9 Overview

Jura XJ9


The XJ9 gets the Oscar in the following categories:

  • Considerably larger water tank
  • Separate hot water spout
  • Extended bean hopper

It is capable of producing 6 speciality drinks, as well as tea through the separate hot water spout. The bean hopper holds an impressive 500g and is compatible with the bean hopper extender. The water tank falls slightly shy of that seen in the XS9, coming in only at 4 litres.

The coffee bean grinder is also slightly “older” – The Aroma + Grinder is also of the “old school” generation of Jura technologies, not in any way a bad or sub-par grinder – it is just not the newest.

The main point of consideration when it comes to the XJ9 are the machines sleek and modern aesthetics. The interactive TFT colour screen display is far more user-friendly, especially to newer users or first-time users, something to also consider when deciding where to put the machine.

Lastly, the XJ9 will set you back in the region of R 40 000.00 to buy outright.


Jura X8 Platinum Overview

Jura X8 Review

All coffee drinks are prepared with a push of a button, from espresso to latte macchiato. You can prepare up to 2 milk-based drinks at the same time.

All coffee drinks are prepared with a push of a button on a sleek, touch screen interactive display.

Prepare up to 2 coffee drinks at the same time

Coffee pot function and hot water outlet

Lockable bean grinder and water tank – hello control and goodbye to overuse!

Pulse Extraction Process Technology – ensuring quality coffee every time.

5 Litre water tank – the biggest water tank we’ve seen this far!

500 g Coffee container – perfectly proportioned to your water tank size, this ensures you don’t feel the brunt of frustrated coffee lovers having to continually top up the beans throughout the day.

The essence of real versatility, the Jura X8 Bean To Cup coffee machine masters the whole range of speciality coffees like flat white, café latte and cappuccino at the touch of a button, and all from a stunning looking coffee machine.

This exciting new unit is an ideal coffee machine for offices, catering and restaurants serving up to 80 cups per day.

Pricing for the X8 Platinum? It will set you back around R 34 000.00 to buy outright.


In Conclusion: Jura XS9 vs XJ9 vs X8 Platinum

It’s easier to make an informed decision when apples are easily and visually comparable with apples, so here goes:

FeatureXS9XJ9X8 Platinum
Water Tank Size


5.7 litres4 litres5 litres
Bean Hopper


Screen Display Type


GraphicTFT ColourTFT Colour
Cups Per Day




R 24 000.00R40 000.00R 34 000.00


Bulkier, basic aestheticBulky, modern and silverSleek, silver and modern


Second hand onlyNew and usedNew and used



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